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| On 2 years ago

Starbucks Taiwan Exhibition To Launch Exclusive Starbucks Suitcase – Only 100 Available

If you are in Taipei from July 3 to July 28 2019, you’re in luck. Starbucks Taiwan will be hosting an exhibition, titled ‘Coffee Journey’. At this exhibition, there will be a coffee-themed gallery with interactive elements.

But here’s what we’re eyeing- the limited edition Starbucks Coffee Journey black suitcase along with other themed products that will go on sale exclusively at the 2019 Coffee Journey.

Credit – Starbucks

The black suitcase will feature the Starbucks logo on one side, and on the other, it will spell out ‘Coffee Journey’ and feature the logo once again.

There will only be 100 suitcases going on sale, and if you thought that isn’t exclusive enough, here’s the cool bit- Each one of these suitcases will have a different number labelled on as well. These suitcases will retail for NT 9800 (approximately S$428).

Credit – Starbucks

Another item that has caught our eye is this HUGE Starbucks mug. Just look at how the normal sized mugs pale in comparison compared to this gigantic beast of a mug. With this mug, you will be able to drink coffee like a Big Gulp. Like the suitcase, it will retail for NT 9800.

Credit – Starbucks

If you think the mugs look mainstream, here’s where you’re wrong. There is a commemorative design of the exhibition at the bottom of each mug, and each mug comes with its own serial number from 0 to 100. Yes, like the suitcase, there will only be 100 of these available.

If a huge bucket-sized coffee mug isn’t your thing, the standard sizes are also going on sale. The 3oz mug costs NT250 (approximately S$11), the 12oz mug costs NT350 (approximately S$15), and the 16oz mug costs NT400(approximately S$17.50).

Credit – Starbucks

Other exclusive items that will go on sale include the Sumatra Tiger series– the stainless steel handle cup will cost NT 650 (approximately S$28), the tote bag will cost NT 500 (approximately S$22) and the towel will cost NT 380 (approximately S$16.50).

Credit – Starbucks

A commemorative notebook with the logo of the Starbucks Coffee Journey exhibition costs NT280 (approximately S$12.20), and you can even buy a coffee grinding machine which will set you back NT3980 ($173.50). There will quite a few other items, but I guess the only way to know for sure is to visit the Taiwan exhibition yourself.

Dates and Times: July 3-28 2019, 12pm-8pm

Starbucks Taiwan Coffee Journey 2019:  No.1, Section 1, Bade Road, Taipei 100, Taiwan (Huashan Wenchuang 1914 Park West 2)

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