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Hourly Tokens In Sentosa Worth S$1000 Each To Be Found From 25-27 Oct

Just as the Pizza Hunt is ongoing, Sqkii has announced the Late-Night #CashDrop, this time partnering itself with Sentosa.

Credit – Sqkii

From 25 – 27 October, a glow-in-the-dark token will be dropped at a location in Sentosa every hour from 7pm-11pm—at random, of course. The game is simple—be the first to pick up the token and you can receive the prize—S$1000 in instant cash.

Credit – Sqkii

However, you don’t have to be kiasu and bring metal detectors for this hunt. Sqkii has announced its all new-augmented reality game, Sqkiiland. To gain access to Sqkiiland, you don’t have to download a mobile application. Simply visit the website and turn on your location service. Watch as your screen transforms the landscape around you into a treasure hunting ground. For the Late-Night #CashDrop, hints will be released every three to five minutes on the web app, until the token is eventually found.

Credit – Sqkii

Of course, Sqkii has already released some hints—the tokens can be found around Fort Siloso, Siloso Beach, Imbiah Area and Palawan Beach.

With the introduction of Sqkiiland, all future treasure hunts, such as the infamous Hunt The Mouse, will be conducted on this platform as well—Definitely the solution to people destroying bushes or trespassing in their search for coins.

Dates & Times: 25 – 27 October, 7pm – 11pm

Sqkii’s Late-Night #CashDrop: Website

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