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Calling All Manga Fans, Slam Dunk Is Making A Comeback In April 2020 That Equals To Lengthy 24-Year Hiatus

They’ve heard your cries and they’ve heard your pleas. Following more than 2-decade suspension, the Japanese manga series, Slam Dunk will be finally made available for your viewing pleasure. How many of you wish you could play ball with Sakuragi and Rukawa?

According to releases by Sin Chew Daily, the new art collection titled “PLUS/SLAM DUNK ILLUSTRATIONS 2” is said to be brought back into circulation in April 2020. That’s not too long from now. Read on to find out more about the much-anticipated drop.

Credit: VIZ

Mysterious Announcement from The Man Himself

Credit: Laurent Koffel

Never heard of him? He’s none other than the creator behind your beloved manga. Takehiko Inoue is a Japanese manga illustrator famously known for the basketball series Slam Dunk, which is one of the best-selling manga series in history. That’s pretty impressive. Takehiko is most distinguished for creating the long-running competitive basketball manga series, which has extended into a multimedia franchise that encompasses anime, figurines, and toys. Smart business move right there.

Credit: Twitter & Takehiko Inoue

Word quickly spread after Takehiko Inoue’s teaser statement from his official Twitter page. Fans must have been ecstatic as he posted snaps of some shining sheets of the unreleased prints that he had been working on. Talk about some exclusive sneak peeks.

Credit: Twitter & Takehiko Inoue

Compilation of The Old and New Illustrations

Credit: Twitter & Takehiko Inoue

“PLUS/SLAM DUNK ILLUSTRATIONS 2” which will carry over 130 drawings that were drawn in the past and used for separate publications. Although there won’t be any new story arc, we’ll take whatever we can get at this point, huh?

Moreover, there are to be 11 new pictures added just for this release. This will be done with the hopes that it will reignite the very same flame fans had for the OG Slam Dunk that set the manga world ablaze.

Check out this preview:

A Bit About Slam Dunk

Credit: Ciaran Breen/Yahoo Sports Canada/Slam Dunk

The world was originally graced by the graces of Slam Dunk in 1996. For those who grew up with Slam Dunk, it was regarded as one of the three pioneering ‘sports’ mangas during its heyday. Woah, what trailblazers. Basically, Slam Dunk is an anime-cum-manga about competitive basketball where it illustrates Shohoku basketball team quest to become the top in Japan.

Credit: JustWatch

Were you hoping for a completely new plot or continuation of the series itself? We’re sorry to disappoint but there won’t be any new series story development—we hope this piece of news is of some form of comfort.

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