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Sentosa Skyline Luge: The Views You Never Knew You Needed In Singapore

After a well-spent day failing at playing beach volleyball, cycling around Sentosa and going on the various rides in Universal Studios Singapore till our legs feel like jelly, we all need to give ourselves a break.

What about somewhere in the air? No, we’re not talking bungee jumping just yet.

Jump on the Skyline Luge; a part chairlift and part gravity-fuelled ride. Take the chairlift up to soak up the incredible surrounding views and feel the rush as you descend down the Luge’s purpose-built tracks.

An Uplifting Experience

I definitely don’t recommend you going on the Skyride (it’s like one of those metal garden swings that you’d have in your back garden but in the air) during the mid-afternoon blaze lest you want a really strong tan and a burnt behind.

There wasn’t an extensive queue when I went. Within a few minutes, my tickets were scanned at the counter and I was on my way. Grabbing a helmet from the entrance of the Luge, I boarded the Skyride to the top.

Trying to ignore the heatstroke that was slowly building up and the sun’s glare, I finally managed to enjoy the view of Sentosa below and the South China Sea.

Although the ride was approximately five minutes long, I felt like I spent forever in the air. Plus, it never crossed my mind that the Skyride would be a place to find serenity.

Well, as much serenity as one can get wild trying to hold on to her Birkenstocks mid-air…

A Wild Ride

If a skate-scooter and a bumper car were to have a baby, the Luge would be just that. The handle acts as your steering wheel and the specially-built tracks work together with gravity to send you on a descent.

The staff guided me to the direction of the Luge once my Skyride views (and unintentional tan) were done. They split you into first-time riders and repeat riders.

The Luge was more petrifying than wild for me, in all honesty. The fear of getting stranded in the middle of one of those lanes has constantly stopped me from trying it.

Credit – Chooyutshing (Creative Commons)

However, the staff taught me how to operate the “vehicle”. Basically, just pull the handle toward you and slowly release. You’ll get to practise a little bit before they send you on your way!

Choose between the Dragon Trail, Jungle Trail, Expedition Trail or their newest addition, the Kupu-Kupu trail. It’s like a meta-reality; do I not have enough of life’s decisions to make?

Depending on the trail you pick, you get to explore lush rainforests, zoom through tunnels and immerse in the diverse flora and fauna around you.

I still have a fear of stalling in the middle of any sort of racetrack, even though it didn’t happen to me here. Regardless, both the Skyride and the Luge are worth a visit, especially at night.

For Both Daytime Play And Night-Time Fun

If you’re done reminiscing whilst watching the sunset over Sentosa on the Skyride, you’ll be just in time for the Night Luge!

The lights on the Night Luge turn on at 6 pm, however, it’s recommended that you arrive at 7 pm to fully enjoy the entire light experience.

With the nearby ‘Wings of Time’ show starting at 7.40pm, racing down the Night Luge and simultaneously enjoying the fireworks and light show is definitely an ideal combination.

Technically, you could spend the whole day just on the Skyline Luge. Go on the rides if you want a tan, get the breeze speeding down the tracks and do it all over again to enjoy the sunset.

End your Sentosa experience by hightailing down the Luge with full-on light show extravaganza lighting up the Sentosa night sky in the background.

Marina Bay Sands light show, who?

Getting to Sentosa Skyline Luge

Take the Sentosa Express (Level 4 Vivocity) and enter via the Imbiah Lookout entrance (Alight at Imbiah Station) or Siloso Beach (Alight at Beach Station) entrance.

Ticket Prices:
Luge & Skyride combos (S$24 for 2 luge & Skyrides, S$27 for 3 luge & Skyrides, S$29 for 4 luge & Skyrides) Family combos range from S$54 to S$130 ; Ticket prices start from S$16 if purchased from Klook!

Night Luge Prices:
20% off Combo Packages between 7 and 9.15pm. 


Skyline Luge: 1 Imbiah Road, Singapore 099692 | Website | Facebook | Tel: +65 6274 0472

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