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| On 2 years ago

Are Neon Lava Lamp Nails The New Social Media Trend?

Acrylic lava lamp nail designs are sweeping social media feeds, especially on Instagram. Are they the new in-thing?

This latest nail trend is definitely one that I can get on board with; Lava lamp nails. The nail technician/genius behind this creation is Instagram user Liam Peter aka @liampeternails.

The lava lamp nails feature a metallic silver base from the base of the nail then a long crystal-clear nail with neon accents to represent the ‘lava’ and a silver cap on the tip to finish the lamp.

Credit – Instagram / @liampeternails

To achieve this innovative nail art, the nail technician had to combine two different types of polish. Layers of good quality glass or jelly polish with a bright neon colour help to achieve the lava lamp effect. Just to clarify, the lava is painted on and doesn’t actually move.

Credit – Instagram / @liampeternails

After scrolling through @liampeternails IG feed, there’s no question this nail technician is an artistic genius- his work is beautiful and well executed. His lava lamp- inspired nail art even got him featured on Teen Vogue.

Credit – Instagram/ @nail_sunny

We’ve seen some pretty insane nail trends over the years. I still can’t get the bubble manicure and teeth manicure images outta my head; those were straight-up disturbing.

Major props to @liampeternails for giving us a nail trend we can actually enjoy looking at!

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