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Sentosa’s Mega Adventure Park: The Adrenaline You Need Without The Heart Attack

I have a list that says ’10 things to avoid if I want to live longer’. Adrenaline junkies have a list that’s probably titled ‘The infinite ways to get one step closer to a heart attack and still survive.’

My point is, I won’t choose to free-fall from a building if I can go down a slide.

Regardless, if you’re a little on the fence about the whole heights thing, the Mega Adventure Park in Sentosa will give you just a taste of a day in the life of an adrenaline junkie, whilst allowing you to survive.

We entered through the Imbiah Lookout entrance. Take the escalator up from Imbiah station (right outside the Merlion) all the way to the top and walk down to the Mega Adventure Park. Alternatively, you can take Bus A from within Sentosa and stop right outside.

Buggy services around the jungle area are available for S$5 as well if you want to avoid climbing the path to the entrance.

Avoiding Unnecessary Heart Attacks

The scary bits don’t come till after this part. I realise that as long as I’m bundled up in a harness, I’m slightly less intimidated.

Covered shoes and long tights or pants are the best attire for the activities here. Take it from me, a harness pulled tight when you’re not wearing the right get-up is not a comfortable feeling…

Our bags were kindly brought down to the Beach Station ticketing desk by the staff and pouches were provided for our phones.

We were also weighed before our harnesses were put on to see if we hit the weight limit (minimum 30kg, maximum 120kg).

MegaClimb Your Way To New Heights

Our first stop was the MegaClimb, a five to 15-metre high-rope adventure course set in the maze of Sentosa’s trees. You have to choose two out of three obstacle courses, so I took the easiest (and the lowest, obviously).

The staff on duty will brief you beforehand on what you shouldn’t do whilst on the course – avoid touching the cables, and your harness. They will also demonstrate how to guide the cord linked to your harness if it gets jammed mid-course.

Flashbacks of secondary school camp days hit me just as I started the course. Funnily enough, the obstacle course was more draining than unnerving.

Even kids are allowed on the obstacle course; they just have to be at least 120cm in height.

My friend chose the middle course which isn’t as high as the full 15 metres, however, according to the staff, it’s more exhausting than the highest obstacle course.

End the MegaClimb by getting onto a giant red pendulum ball before swinging yourself over to the starting point, and you’re done! All you have to do is prep yourself for the intense muscle aches you’ll get over the next few days.

Free-Fall (More Like Float) Your Way Off A Platform

If you’ve ever wondered what sky-diving feels like, the MegaJump is supposed to simulate a free-fall parachute jump without the plane.

I don’t think my legs wanted to know what it felt like, because I stood on the platform and had a full-on panic attack. Four cups of water and a sit-down later, I watched as my friend took the jump.

Instead of straight falling, she looked like a feather floating in the wind. I was slightly underwhelmed. She even said she was ready to scream but clearly the jump had other plans for her.

I guess if you’re looking for a scream-worthy jump, the MegaJump might not be for you. However, if you’d still like to warm up for something more intense then, go for it!

Take Flight Across The Sky Without The Plane Ticket Fees

Credit – Mega Adventure

Surprisingly, despite my mini-debacle on the MegaJump, I was excited to go through with the MegaZip. Hanging from 75 metres in the air (fully harnessed, thank goodness), the MegaZip is the first three-wire zip line.

Credit – Mega Adventure

This is where long tights or pants come in handy again. I was silently crying from the effect of the harness. The photographer on duty going, “Can you smile?” I never thought all the years smiling from the pain would finally come in handy…

Credit – Mega Adventure

Before you know it, you’re sent flying across the 450-metre line, through the jungle canopy of Imbiah Hill down to the white sands of Siloso Beach. Yes, you can be crazy enough to hang upside down if you’d like.

You don’t really have time to take videos on your own phone whilst you’re zipping down, but you can always grab your photographs from the Mega Adventure team at the end of the ride.

We didn’t manage to hit up the MegaBounce, but you should!

Credit – Travellog

Located on Siloso Beach, the MegaBounce gives off the impression that it’s only meant for kids with their sudden energy spurts. I mean, trampolines equal kids, right?

Get rid of your last bits of adrenaline by flipping and doing acrobatic stunts assisted by the bungee cord. It’s the best activity to end with before you grab lunch. Trust me, I was starving by the end of the entire Mega Adventure stint.

– –

Even if you’re a chicken like me, the Mega Adventure won’t be too much for you.

It’s definitely easier than taking the plunge and telling the person you like how you feel. The heart-stopping sensation doesn’t last as long…

Ticket Prices: MegaJump and MegaClimb Package (Usual Price S$65, Now S$39), MegaZip (S$55), MegaZip, MegaClimb and MegaJump Package (Usual Price S$120, Currently S$70)

Add-Ons: MegaZip Express Pass S$25 – S$45

Mega Adventure Sentosa: 10A Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 099008 | Website | Opening Hours: 11am to 7pm | +65 3163 4394

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