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Sending Your Ungrateful Lover Food? Maybe Consider These 6 Things First

“Just give me cash.”

Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard about this. Still, if you have not, here’s a TLDR.

Stomp, our favourite entertainment website, published an article containing screenshots from an extremely ungrateful (assumed) girlfriend. In these screenshots, we can see that this ungrateful girlfriend (UG), is not only avoiding sugar in her diet but also does not comprehend that we should avoid going out if we can because of COVID-19.

She also regarded the act of having sweet treats delivered to her as an insult, because, as you can see, the boyfriend did not heed her prior words of “I’ve said it a million times. I only take yoghurt without sugar… Meaning you haven’t listened to a god damn word I said.”

God help us all. The poor sender just wanted to do something nice for UG. This is why we cannot have nice things—anything done with good intentions can somehow be turned into an insult.

Many couples are kept apart during this CB, other than texting and video calling, what else can couples do to show their affection for each other? It is easy to show kindness when we’re apart from our loved ones, but if every other intention of showing kindness gets misconstrued, you simply cannot blame this generation of youth for being jaded. We’re simply a product of our experiences.

Now instead of raging on and tearing apart this piece of trash of a human being, let us take this lesson of entitlement and turn it into a helpful one. If you too have decided to err on the side of caution and are now apprehensive about sending food to your loved ones, fret not. Here, I’ve compiled a list of six things to consider before you go ahead and place that order filled with good intention.

1. It does not have to be a surprise.

Of course, having an added layer of surprise is always a lovely gesture for your receiver. But unless you know that your good intentions will not be misconstrued as an insult, I suggest you let the receiver know beforehand that you plan to send them food. Or at least be sure that you know this person well enough that your sentiments will 100% be appreciated.

2. Check their dietary requirements.

Say you do know that by sending a delivery, your intentions will be well received. But you’re not too sure if the recipient has any specific dietary requirements. Here’s what you can do. Over a casual conversation, ask them to list several cuisines they crave or restaurants they intend to visit once CB ends.

Once the conversation is underway, it would only be natural to double-check if they have any food aversions or allergies. Brilliant, right?

3. What else can I send other than meals?

Okay, so you don’t want to take any chances whatsoever. Yet, sending snail mail takes far too long but you don’t want to be impersonal either by just buying something off a website and sending it off to the recipient’s address.

Here’s a solution. With affordable same-day parcel delivery services, what better way to show someone that you know and care about them than making a care package. It can be filled with literally anything your heart desires.

Plus, they are highly customisable. There’s no better way to show someone that you care about them than creating a curated box of items that you know only they would enjoy.

4. Maybe do send some cash instead.

Alright, I’ll give it to UG, there is no better gift than money. But instead of merely transferring your recipient money through iBanking (urgh, so impersonal and so transactional), you can send them money via GrabPay instead. This way, it’ll be easier for your recipient to use that money to order food for themselves through the app directly.

5. How about not sending a typical meal?

Food delivery is no longer confined to traditional meals from restaurants. Get creative with your food gifts and consider sending their way cheese patters or DIY cocktails. You could even buy them a coffee or cold brew subscription if they’re not one for fancy-schmancy treats. If you don’t have the budget for that, you can always utilise the Mart tab in GrabFood and send them snacks instead.

6. Or don’t send anything at all.

Instead of sending that well-meaning delivery, why not axe it altogether and save that money in hopes of treating your recipient to a nice meal in a restaurant when all this is over. Or consider donating that money to someone who needs it more. You can even donate a meal in your loved one’s name as well. May that be buying a coffee for essential workers or a meal for a migrant worker, if you’re one to enjoy giving, it can be expressed in many ways.

Let’s use this viral moment to teach us that humanity continues to surprise us in ways we would not expect. And to whoever sent UG the overpriced cake and yoghurt, you deserve better. Don’t subject yourself to such unnecessary treatment. You don’t deserve it; no one deserves treatment like that.

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