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Seletar Aerospace Area: 5 Things To Do & See In This Secluded North-Eastern Part Of Singapore

The area near Seletar Aerospace is considered quite ulu with a few places yet to uncover.

One might think that there’s nothing to explore beside the newly-opened The Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park. However, you’d be surprised to know that this obscure part of Singapore is definitely worth a trip with your friends or family.

Here are five things we found that you can do at the area around Seletar Aerospace:

1. Play A Game Of Life-Sized Airplane Chess

Raise your hands if you remember this childhood favourite! Ludo, aka airplane chess, used to be one of the games I’d play with my siblings and friends. Now, you can relive your memories at this life-sized version of Ludo at Seletar.

You won’t be able to complete this game alone, so drag some friends along.

In addition to the Ludo game, there is also an airplane-themed playground located right next to Wheeler’s Estate, the sister cafe of the ever-popular Wheeler’s Yard.

Check out the miniature control tower — you can even climb up and pretend to be an air traffic controller.

Aeroplane-themed Playground: Beside Wheeler’s Estate, The Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park, Singapore 798387

2. Watch The Airplanes At The Seletar Aerospace Boardwalk

Thanks to this newly-built boardwalk, you can get up close and personal with airplanes at Seletar Airport. Okay, maybe not that close — but you can chill along this insta-worthy place right next to the airport runway.

If you’re in luck, you might see some plane activity at the airport. I arrived in the late afternoon and managed to spot a few planes landing. Nonetheless, I appreciated the serenity along this mostly-empty boardwalk.

The scenic background is also a perfect background for OOTDs.  I roped in my dog for an impromptu photoshoot, and she absolutely loved roaming around the boardwalk as well.

Seletar Aerospace Boardwalk: Near Carpark Zone C, The Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park, Singapore 798387

3. Take A Tour Outside Old Conserved Colonial Houses

Don’t be surprised if you find numerous conserved bungalows whilst exploring. The area used to be houses for those serving the British Royal Air Force, which are now slated for conservation and redevelopment.

While walking past and observing the bungalows, it was interesting to imagine what could have happened inside these houses in the last century, while looking past the dilapidated facade and run-down exterior.

Conserved Colonial Bungalows: The Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park, Singapore 798387

4. Get An Alternative View Of The Seletar Reservoir & Yishun Dam

I’m sure most of us have heard and been to Yishun Dam to chill at night. We stumbled upon this rather undiscovered space nearby the dam, boasting a great (or even better) view of Seletar Reservoir.

Take a stroll along the pavement and appreciate the Lower Seletar Reservoir like never before. Tip: Come during the sunset hours to catch the sun rays shining across the clouds and reservoir; a sight that’ll take your breath away.

Pavement beside Lower Seletar Reservoir: Seletar Club Road

5. Chance Upon Seletar Airport’s Passenger Terminal

Most of us have definitely heard of Seletar Airport, but do y’all know where the passenger terminal is? Imagine our surprise when we literally chanced upon the obscure Seletar Airport Passenger Terminal. We didn’t get to go in though; it’s only open to those who are boarding.

If you’re interested to see the place, pay a visit soon as a new terminal will be built in its place by early 2018.

Seletar Airport Passenger Terminal: Seletar West Link, Singapore 797795

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Don’t miss out on these five things to do and see while at Seletar Aerospace area. We suggest making a trip down before it starts getting really crowded and receiving all the hype (that it rightfully deserves)!

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