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Into The Wild? You Can Sleep Next To Lions And Tigers in This Safari Lodge in Kent, England

Combine luxury with wildlife and you’ll get this five-star safari lodge in Kent, South-Eastern England. If you have always wanted to visit safari animals in Africa, but don’t want to tough it out in the plains, and fear the risk of getting hurt, this is the vacation spot for you.

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Escape into the lush greenery with companions from the animal kingdom. Apart from lions, the resort is a sanctuary for over 700 animals from different parts of the world. Visit western lowland gorillas, giraffes, leopards, ostriches, zebra, the largest herd of black rhino in the UK and many more.

Credit: Caters News Agency

In addition to the safari dwellers, Port Lympne Hotel offers up close and personal with animals from outside the safari – wolves, bears and tigers, as well as tropical animals. Families are more than welcome to step into the reserve’s version of Jurassic Park. Take your time to explore the forest and learn about the creatures that roamed our world long before we did. 

Credit: Caters News Agency

The reserve offers stays in different lodges within the safari park depending on your preferences. Pick your favourite from six different accommodations – Lion Lodge, Wolf Lodge, Tiger Lodge, Rhino Lodge, Hog Deer Creek and Giraffe Cottage. Accommodations in the Lion Lodge is pricey – an overnight stay starts from £1,750 (S$3089).

It’s a little cheaper for the other options though – the Tiger Lodge costs £1,000 (S$1765) a night, the Wolf Lodge is £549 (S$969) and the Bear Lodge costs £350 (S$618).

For the romantic nature-lovers, the Treehouse Hotel, The Bubble and the Port Lympne Hotel present spectacularly tranquil views of the reserve.

Credit: Caters News Agency

This is the first lodge to offer a world away from reality, with the Wolf Lodge in Norway coming the closest to such an experience. Lodge stays start from 

Port Lympne Hotel and Resort: Website

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