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Resurrecting Old Clothes in Style — Check Out This Local Designer’s Creations

Over time, the clothes we wear on our backs are forgotten—as our personalities and style change with age, the threads of our youth become forlorn and are reduced to dust collectors in the abysses of our wardrobes. Like old stories, old clothes do little to serve our new image, so most people let them go.

For the most part, their functionality remains though, and these abandoned threads represent an opportunity for recycling and a second shot at life for the avid thrift shopper and imaginative fashion buff. Case in point—creative fashion designer and Instagram user Alfri (@alfri.deconstruct).

Credit – Instagram

Feeding off donations of old clothes, Alfri dismantles and refashions them to create some truly unique and refreshing fabrications. Alfri breathes new life into these second-hand apparel, and like how some people find happiness in fitting into an old pair of jeans, Alfri’s pleasure is in seeing his ideas materialise in the rejuvenation of renounced garments.

Credit – Instagram

Alfri doesn’t let the original piece of clothing define what his creation will be—in his Instagram, he’s repurposed old pair of sweatpants to be worn as a cape, denim trousers as a chic structured top, and even turned some ethnic bags into a colourful top complete with front pockets and a necklace.

Credit – Instagram

Alfri’s spirit of recycling is invigorating and to do so in such a creative and original way warrants attention. The next time you decide to give away your old clothes, why not ignite the inspiration for aspiring creatives such as Alfri by bestowing them your unwanted clothes—you’d be surprised how creative people can be!

Check out Alfri’s collection here.

Alfri | Instagram

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