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| On 8 months ago

6 Foreign Language Netflix Horror Films For Double The Scare

So you’ve seen our Netflix horror round up, what now? I don’t know about you, but for a supernatural junkie like me, the creepiest of horror films tend to be that of Thai, Japanese, or Indonesian decent. There’s simply nothing quite like a good ol’ ghost story set in the eerie, abandoned forests of South East Asia.

What more, watch it in a language that you might not even understand for double the confusion, mystery, and scare. Here are 6 Non-English Netflix Horror Films for when you’ve just about burnt through every chapter from the Insidious franchise.

1. The Maid (Thai)

Credit – Netflix

Albeit a fresh addition to the Netflix horror scene, Thai-based The Maid is a supernatural slasher film that’s in a league of its own. Grab some popcorn and brace yourself for the twists and reveals that you’ll never see coming.

The Maid | Watch Here

2. Marianne (French)

Credit – Netflix

When the line between dreams and reality blurs, horror writer Emma Larsimon quickly realises she’s running out of time to stop havoc in the world.

Marianne | Watch Here

3. Warda (Arabic)

Credit – Netflix

An aspiring paranormal investigator returns to his hometown for a shoot, but his girlfriend begins to act strangely. Could it be just a coincidence or something far more sinister?

Warda | Watch Here

4. Kuntilanak (Bahasa Indonesia)

Credit – Netflix

A Kuntilanak, better known as a pontianak in Singapore’s context, is believed to be the spirit of a woman who died during pregnancy and lurks beneath banana trees for unsuspecting victims. We follow five central characters as they navigate curses, hauntings, and a mirror that isn’t quite what it appears to be.

Kuntilanak | Watch Here

5. Ju-On: Origins (Japanese)

Credit – Netflix

In an attempt to tell the backstory of what went down in the classic Ju-On franchise, Ju-On: Origins lets us in on just what led to the horrific haunting of the unassuming little house. Yet, it manages to distance itself from the series just enough to work as a standalone film as well.

Learn the absolutely upsetting truth of Kayako is this six-part miniseries.

Ju-On: Origins | Watch Here

6. Veronica (Spanish)

Credit – Netflix

A solar eclipse is the best time to summon spirits, right? Veronica and friends attempt to make contact with her late father, but something way more ominous rises to greet them.

Veronica | Watch Here

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