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Live Out Your Studio Ghibli Fantasy in This Japanese Forest Campsite

The year has been drab by all accounts for many people so far, but the people who suffer the most are certainly the ardent travellers. Those who religiously save for new, unexplored places to wander must surely be getting restless from the global lockdown that has halted Earth’s air traffic.

Not to worry, however, for 2021 is geared to offer some exciting things to look forward to. A lead example—there is currently a magnificent outdoor camping site that is being constructed within the serene waterfalls and dense forests of Japan, set to be completed next year.

Credit – PR Times

Located in Uga Valley, the sprawling campground is the project of Danish outdoors company Nordisk and features cosy cabins, permanent tent fixtures, as well as a range of outdoor facilities that are sure to provide some much-needed zen for your weary spirits. The complex, called Hygge Circles Ugakei, offers all the magic of the great outdoors to travellers seeking refuge from their bustling city surroundings.

Credit – PR Times

Based on the 3D renderings of the proposed campsite, the place looks absolutely stunning. At one glance, they resemble the real-life version of a set from a Studio Ghibli anime. One could only visualise the level of solace and calm they could experience being in such a setting. Sitting on a log by the heat of the campfire, wrapped in a heavy blanket, while clasping a steaming cup of chai in the midst of serene Japanese wildlife sounds like the perfect escape from the hubbub of metropolitan Singapore.

Credit – PR Times

There are currently two added attractions—the Hygge Education Field and the Hygge Nature Field being constructed alongside the accommodation options. Though not much information on these has been released yet, the whole project is already sounding very promising for the avid traveller.

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