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Refash: The Only Company In Singapore That Pays You To Sell Your Pre-Loved Clothes For You

Psst, did you know there’s a company that pays you to clear your wardrobe for you? Refash is a start-up that aims to reduce wastage by selling pre-owned clothing just like how brand-new clothes are sold.

Hold on, doesn’t that sound like Carousell?

Well, unlike Carousell, Refash does all the evaluating and selling for you. They even handle most of the postage hassles for sellers – including mailing fees to the buyer. If your item is sold, Refash will send a portion of the sales to you.

Hmm, why not just do it yourself on Carousell and keep all the earnings for yourself then?

To answer that, you’ve got to take a look at Refash’s website.

The goods are marketed with the same attention that new items get, which gives a better impression to buyers. Don’t they look brand new?

Refash appraises the items before retailing them on the website, so buyers can be assured that the clothes they purchase are in good condition, while ensuring sellers get the money they deserve. No more disappointments in bad product quality or pesky low-ballers!

To get the most out of using Refash, sellers are encouraged to accumulate more sales before requesting to receive their money. The larger the sales amassed, the lower the service fee charged by Refash. That leaves a larger payout for you!

Download the Refash app on Google Play and the App Store to shop any time and anywhere!

Like their website, the merchandise is categorised by brand, type and other themes. The original prices are listed next to Refash’s own charges, making it easy to see how much you’ll save when you shop with them. Your wallet will thank you for going easy on it.

Refash will indicate if an item is “brand new with tag”, a steal for bargain-hunters.

To make things better, Refash has a point rewards system to help customers save as they shop. Extra points are given for friend referrals and birthday months.

Free postage when shopping online is the cherry on top of the cake, and Refash offers just that with a minimum purchase of S$35. Alternatively, shoppers can visit their various outlets and get their buys on the spot.

You can start revamping your closet (and your purse) by selling or buying today!

Refash flagship store @ City Plaza: 810 Geylang Road, #03-130, Singapore 409286 | Opening hours: 1pm – 8pm | Tel: +65 9456 3658 (text message only) | Website

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