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Razer May Be Releasing Its Own Smartphone In Singapore Sooner Than You Think

Razer has a long-heralded history in the world of games and is a favoured brand amongst many gamers out there. From mice, to keyboards and headphones, it covers a plethora of gaming accessories designed for optimal performance in the e-Sports realm.

What next? With recent leaks, it looks more and more likely that a smartphone could be in the works.

Details are scarce at the moment but from what has been floating around the interwebs, it’ll boast a dual-camera setup, 8GB worth of RAM and a pointed design akin to Sony’s lineup of phones. With the infamous Razer logo slapped on the back of the phone, it would be safe to assume that the phone is specifically designed for mobile gaming.

If you’re like me, desensitised by Apple’s lacklustre improvements on their iPhones (seriously, all I can do is turn into a talking turd emoji?), this smartphone may tick all the right boxes. More information is set to drop this November 2017, and we can look towards an end-of-year release if the rumours are anything to go by.

Prices: TBC

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