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Here’s How To Style 2017’s Most Underrated Sneaker From Converse

This year has seen a slew of releases of sneakers, and in the past two to three weeks, contenders for sneaker of the year have come to light. While it’s true that the three stripes held it down last year as the brand of choice for many reasons, 2017 belongs to the iconic swoosh.

The UNDFTD 97’s brought back overnight queuing and there is no way escape away from the Off-White collab. Speaking of Nike, its acquisition of Converse back in 2003 saw reworking and incorporation of its tech into classic Converse models.

Credit – Converse SG

Converse, the cool kid’s choice of shoes back in school or your entry-level basic b*tch sneaker, has come a long way since and trust me, the new tech is mad.

A lush Lunarlon sock lining and insole, coupled with a material rework from head to toe decorates the iconic One Star, essentially evolving the silhouette into a whole new model.

Credit – Converse SG

With the recent acquisitions of Tyler The Creator and Miley Cyrus into its roster, Converse is pushing and working very hard to get chummy with the masses. Any current or future collabs with the brand nowadays are definitely being designed with the One Star model in mind (peep the A$AP Nast collab leak on the internet).

Plus, in the sea of Old Skools, the One Star is a very solid alternative without moving away from that aesthetic. Versatile and durable, here are some of my ways to style the Converse One Star.

Fresh Cyan

I’m not going to lie here, cyan or aqua as we like to call it is not an easy colour to wear. You either have to be extremely adventurous or already own a very eclectic wardrobe to match this youthful hue.

Being already over-the-top for many, I tried matching it with a duller, more monochromatic ensemble for the shoes to really shine on its own. A simple white tee partnered with an asymmetrical checkered skirt leaves the shoes to really complete the outfit and give it a little bit of pop.

Another idea would be simply complementing the shoes with shades of blue in your outfit. Denim is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe and with the fashion world having accepted the once taboo denim suit, it’s easier to wear denim from head to toe without feeling like you’re committing a sin.

Perfect for that poolside photo, you can see the Cyan colour in all its glory here and I thought it matched the vacation vibes to a T.

Taking a dip in the pool? Not really the best idea when the shoe is covered with premium suede and that’s a combination almost as disastrous as mixing Coke and Mentos.

Fuzzy Red

Red is the colour of passion and these shoes do a good job proving that right. Featuring a fuzzier type of suede, it gives your look a more rugged feel. A perfect reason to thrash them as you should with any skate oriented shoe.

The all-red shoe trend has not turned back ever since the 2014 release of the Red Octobers with every silhouette putting out their own rendition on the trend. As with any red shoes, they should do the talking and the simpler your outfit the better it’ll stand out — a light washed denim with a white oversized tee are the first things that came to mind when I envisioned a simple outfit.

Lemon Haze

Featuring a pastel yellow suede, you could mistake this for the recent Golf le Fleur colourway but without the flower stitching and lasered text on the midsole.

Getting out of your comfort zone is what fashion is all about isn’t it? Considering it is a calmer shade compared to the other colours, we can finally let your outfit get its fair share of the limelight. Pairing white on white is a simple yet chic way to stay fresh all throughout the season.

With a pair of ripped white jeans and an oversized top, I played around with textures and hints of colours from the accessories and the printed tee.

While it’s admittedly much harder to pull off an all-white ensemble, I can almost always slip in a black get-up with a snap of my fingers. Having little hints of yellow throughout your attire will only help to blend the bold yellow with the darker outfit.

Props to Converse for picking a shade of yellow that complements the white One Star sole. Many a time, you’d find yellow uppers on anything but an icy white sole, not this one.


Black. The most forgiving colour in the whole collection. Having worn the shoe the whole time whilst writing this article, I have to say it’s easily the best pair of shoes I’ve tried on this year.

Along with the affordable price point, the technology hidden in the shoe really plays a part in the comfy department even after hours of wear. This is my go-to beaters for everyday wear from now on and I can confidently stand by it.

Taking notes from Pretty Flacko, I tried recreating his favourite look of 2017 with this outfit. Track pants and a striped tee to give off the effortlessly relaxed demeanour of A$AP Rocky himself. He usually pairs it with a pair of beaters to really scream, “ I just don’t care “.

The best trend of this year, in my opinion, is the long-awaited switch from skin-tight bottoms to a more relaxed fit. You can see it now in every fast-fashion retailer, a variation of a relaxed pantsuit and for good reason. They are extremely comfortable and street-ready, a nod to versatility blowing its glorious horn this year.

Combining the relaxed bottoms fit that’s been all the rage this year, I followed it up with the One Stars to channel some grunge vibes of the 90s. Afterall, these were championed by the King of Grunge himself, Kurt Cobain.

This is essentially 2017 in a single photo. Hawaiian shirts and camp collar shirts have slowly crept into the limelight of many fashion week showcases around the world, worn by the stylish but accessible to the everyday man, they are a good middle ground for those looking to dress up and hit the town for a night out.

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Inspired? You can purchase the revamped Converse One Star on the website, for a nominal price of S$129.90, or head down to Tampines Mall, Ngee Ann City, VIVO City, ION Orchard and Changi Airport Terminal 2 Converse boutiques.

Get a pair of this well-kept secret before any of your peers and you’ll be turning heads, I guarantee.

Price: S$129.90

Converse Singapore: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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