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| On 2 years ago

Rainforest Lumina 2019: An Illuminating Night Trail At The Singapore Zoo

Get ready to have your breath taken away by the second edition of Singapore Zoo’s Rainforest Lumina! This exciting installation returns for its second season at the Zoo from 14 June 2019.

Rainforest Lumina is a seasonal attraction which illuminates the Singapore Zoo when night falls. With the usage of the latest lights, projection and audio technology surrounding you throughout the entire experience, you are bound to be amazed by the mesmerising display.

I was already left in awe by the dreamy entrance to Rainforest Lumina. Before making your journey through the night trail, you have to enter through the gate known as the Arch. The one kilometre trail begins at this point with a variety of light installations awaiting your arrival.

It literally feels like you’re walking into Narnia, without the wardrobe.

The sound of nature (birds and leaves rustling) and smoke effects will accompany your every step from that point as you make your way towards the next exhibit. Start to feel the wonder as you look by the Treetops and have your first glimpse of the virtual night coming alive.

An introduction of the virtual mascots further down is presented upon reaching the Gardens of Virtues. Each mascot represents a certain virtue and you get to choose an animal that represents your own virtue by picking up a corresponding wristband. Wear it and you are ready to step further into this enchanted forest!

Light Up Your Soul

Take a trip down the Luminous Pathway where the entire pathway is illuminated with green lasers and patterns. With the sound of nature surrounding, it truly gives off a magical vibe. Do take in all the sights while you walk and soon you will find yourself at Sing Like An Animal.

Just like the name suggests when you make any loud sound into the microphones such as just singing “ahhhh”, animated animals will appear on the rocks. The louder you sing into the illuminated microphones, the more animals will appear. Practice your karaoke if you want to, the animals will love you.

At Call of the Wind, you can view a stunning projection of a mini-show. Showcasing their motto of ” We Are One”, the visual storytelling will take place there and a story unfolds amidst the kaleidoscope of colours.

Before you can fully immerse yourself into the attraction, your mind will be drawn to the lit waterfall by the bend. Take your shots of the waterfall or you will definitely leave the place with regrets.

A Strange Village

Keep your camera or phone ready though as the Instagram worthy Light Huts await you next. This exhibit will unquestionably beautify your Instagram feed by a whole mile.

Reminiscent of tribal villages, wooden huts and jungle music fill the entire way. These wooden huts contain flashing lights that will greatly enhance your photos and experience. Relieve some strong ‘Stranger Things’ vibes here.

Continuing on the way, you will be greeted with the blue shine of glowing orchid flowers. Stroll through this entire stretch of garden as you enjoy the sparkles from the flowers.

Take a breather before engaging in a highly interactive activity next at Play Like An Animal. Jump for joy here among the colourful pads as animals will start to appear on the screen with every step. Relieve your inner child here as you get to have fun bouncing around.

Walkway lights will guide you home as you make your way past the remaining exhibits. A perfect stretch for photos to be taken, you will leave each lane in awe of the light displays. Streaks of lights will be illuminated among the pillars and if you are lucky, get to catch real animals hanging around by the water.

Of course, commemorate your entire Rainforest Lumina journey’s end at the Wall of Fame. Scan your wristband and spot your very own face on the screen with the animal that you have chosen at the beginning. Snap a shot and keep it as a momento of your adventure.

Rainforest Lumina is an experience that you have to try. Soak in the chill vibes that this place has to offer along with the combined elements of fun and beauty.

I was still fascinated by the amazing sights and sounds even after leaving the place. It’s indeed amazing to see the Singapore Zoo in a whole new light, bring your date along if you have one, if not alone also can la.

Price: S$18 for Adult (S$16.20 if you book from Klook), S$14 for Child/Senior Citizen

Operating Hours: 7.30pm – 12am (Last entry at 10.30pm)

Rainforest Lumina: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826 Website| Facebook | Instagram | +65 6269 3411

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