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| On 1 year ago

Camp & Explore The Wilderness In Comfort At Rainbow Lodge In Cambodia

The world had a rude awakening when the Amazon rainforest fire occurred, forcing us to sit up and notice the importance of such ecological habitats. Many holiday resorts take a toll on these habitats as we see greenery being eradicated to make way for built-up hotels and resorts.

However, there are eco-friendly options such as the Rainbow Lodge in Cambodia that still let us go on a great holiday without harming nature severely.

Credit – Rainbow Lodge Cambodia

The Rainbow Lodge in Cambodia is an accommodation that keeps with its natural surroundings. From the beginning when you embark on a 10 minute boat journey to the lodge, everything is taken care of from meals to activities. Simply enjoy the full-board stay and explore the untouched wilderness amongst South-East Asia’s largest surviving rainforest.

Camping, Eco-lodges To Stay In

Credit – Rainbow Lodge Cambodia

You do have the option to camp above Tatai Waterfall for the night where you get to cook your own food over a rock stove and sleep in hammocks with built-in mosquito nets which are quilted and off the ground. Your guide will prepare the camp and start your fire before leaving you to enjoy the night under the stars.

Be immersed with the sounds of nature and wake up to natural light from the sunrise before taking a shower at the river.

Credit – Rainbow Lodge Cambodia

For those who prefer a more comfortable lifestyle, eco- lodges built with sustainable materials are available for you as well. Wi-fi, a private balcony and an ensuite toilet and shower are available for your usage. The jungle restaurant features a bar and is open all day as well.

Adventures To Undertake

There is a wide variety of activities available for patrons to participate in, ranging from relaxing spa treatments to nature trails. Whether or not you are an adrenaline junkie, the Rainbow lodge provides you with activities that fit most preferences.

Credit – Rainbow Lodge Cambodia

Embark on a Jungle Tour to discover hidden waterfalls or to carve your way through dense bamboo forestation. One highlight of this tour is the view of the awe-inspiring Tatai Waterfall that you will get to view and should you choose to extend your time there, you can even kayak back on the return leg of the tour.

Swim in freshwater pools and marvel at the rock formations that surround the stunning waterfalls. A night walk is also available for you to learn more about how the animals behave and their importance to the eco-system.

Credit – Rainbow Lodge Cambodia

If peace and tranquillity is what you seek then the River Tour might be appropriate for you. Leisurely boat trips await you in this tour and you even get to have a BBQ on the nearby Koh Kong Island as you swim, snorkel and explore the island. If you time it right, get to experience the sunset over the jungle canopy along the river banks.

Credit – Rainbow Lodge Cambodia

For those who do not mind getting a tad dirty, the Mangrove Tour gives you the chance to explore marshy outreaches and kayak your way through the swampy mangroves. Get up close and personal with the alluring beauty of the forest as you can get to see animals and plants on the trip.

Credit – Rainbow Lodge Cambodia

Rainbow Lodge is certainly a place for you to live out your nature calls in comfort. It’s pretty much like glamping.

Such places to stay safely at are pretty uncommon occurrences these days and I can’t wait to book a trip to this location and get away from the urban hustle and bustle.

Rainbow Lodge Cambodia: Tatai & Koh Andet Commune, Tatai, Cambodia | Website | Facebook | Instagram | +855 121602585

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