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Pure Fitness: Embrace Technology In Your Workouts At This State Of The Art Gym In Orchard

Gym freaks, there’s a new playground in town; Pure Fitness gym is here to inject a little spice into your routine workouts. How exactly are they going to do that? Well, by integrating the innovations in technology into your exercises, you’re about to get stronger with a lot more fun.

Located in Ngee Ann City, this will be the third Pure Fitness gym in Singapore, but it’s the first to feature a virtual reality (VR) cycling experience. Cool, huh? It’s like playing a video game.

The VR bike is just a part of the new Innovation Lab, a place in the gym where you can experience all the high-tech stuff. There is also a 270° Immersive Fitness studio, where high intensity cycling is paired with cinematic visuals on a wide screen.

The VR cycling was certainly a highlight of my visit there. Basically, you just put on the VR headgear as with all VR machines, and then you get to pick from a variety of games available. You can virtually drive tanks, ride a horse, or sail on a boat, all done by pedalling on the bike.

My personal favourite was the horse, as the game was set in the Wild West. It made me feel like a badass cowboy, punishing the bandits with my lasso. It really made the workout a little more exciting; I almost didn’t remember that I was actually pedalling on a bike!

The 270° Immersive Fitness studio was another radical approach in the gym’s attempt to make workouts more fun. And I think it’s working.

You walk into a dark room with a super big screen at the front, with beautiful and futuristic scenes to take you though your workout.

You’ll come across space cities, deep oceans, and stunning sunsets; you’ll feel like you are on a truly immersive and captivating journey through a movie-like world. After the “movie” though, you are going to feel the burn in your muscles.

Pure Fitness also has all the standard facilities and equipment you would expect to find in a gym, and more. There’s a 30-metre sprint track and a big athletic turf where you can do some circuit training.

There’s also a strongman area where all the heavy weights are, an Olympic powerlifting area, a boxing and martial arts corner, and even an American Ninja Warrior-like obstacle course for you to test your strength and grit.

The “Salmon Ladder”, or the pull-up ladder is the challenge that you should be aiming to conquer.

Many of the machines have a companion app, which you can use to help you exercise more efficiently. The personal trainers there also use apps to better help you achieve your fitness goals. These apps can show you the proper form and posture, and also aid in calculating your reps.

When you put in so much work on your body, you want to see the positive changes right? Pure Fitness even has a room where you can do a full body analysis, so you can track your progress.

Download the Evolt 360 app, and you’ll get a detailed analysis of your body composition sent to your smart device. It even gives you nutritional tips to improve your diet! Pretty neat, huh?

After a day of flipping tyres and pedalling bikes, I can say that I definitely felt the burn, especially in my glutes. I felt like I cycled up Mount Everest or something. Exaggeration? Maybe, but it was definitely a fun and good workout.

Pure Fitness is a new-age gym that embraces technology, and they are not just gimmicks. Members of the gym can provide feedback on the machines and innovations, so it helps the gym to determine what works and what flops.

If you’re looking for a new fitness playground, or if you want to start treating your body like a temple, Pure Fitness seems like a very decent place to be.

Pure Fitness Singapore: Ngee Ann City Podium Block, Level 8, 391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238872 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Sat) 6am – 12am, (Sun & PH) 8am – 10pm | Website

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