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| On 2 years ago

10 Public Haunted Places In Singapore With Creepy Pasts You Didn’t Know About

If you’re a bit of a thrillseeker (or kaypoh), seeking out haunted places in Singapore is a thought that has probably crossed your mind at one point or another. No matter how terrifying some ghost stories about these places sound, curiosity sometimes gets the better of us – especially with the Hungry Ghost Festival nearing.

There are several well-known haunted spots that immediately spring to mind and yet, there are still a few waiting for the bravest souls to explore further. Here are 10 public haunted places in Singapore that are relatively unknown and all the creepy details behind them:

1. Bedok North, Block 99

Situated opposite the famous Bedok 85 market, this 25-storey HDB stands out among the other blocks of flats in the area. If you were around in the 90s, you would have probably heard the haunting tales that surround the deep-rooted history of this block.

The story about Bedok Block 99 tells the tale of a jilted wife who committed suicide with her son after writing “It’s not over, darling” on the walls of their home in her own blood.

Her husband then moved in with his mistress and their son, who started complaining about being bullied by an “older brother”. Years have passed since this incident and many have claimed to have heard the laughter of a boy and a woman in the middle of the night. Some even say the pair can be seen roaming around the block. Yikes.

2. Bedok Reservoir

Who knew Bedok was so scary? Bedok Reservoir has gained quite the reputation as an infamous destination in recent years – for suicides. There have been several cases of suicides over the past few years at this location, six in fact. Pure coincidence or is there something else going on?

Residents in the area claim to hear mysterious wailing sounds coming from the reservoir at night. Some even feel a certain force drawing them into the waters. The place has naturally become the subject of many paranormal investigators as well as thrillseekers, especially with the extra chilling vibe from all the suicide hotline signs.

3. Changi Beach

You may have already heard of this one but here’s why Changi Beach is apparently very haunted. The area has long been associated with the paranormal world since the Japanese Occupation in 1942. Many lives were taken along the shores of Changi Beach during the Sook Ching Massacre.

Stories are often told about the souls of slain innocents that continue to roam the beach, weeping and wailing in the night. Bloodstains are also said to have been found on the beach at certain points. All I know is, I wouldn’t want to be alone there at night.

4. Pasir Ris Tower

Known as the “Suicide Tower” to some, the Pasir Ris Tower in Pasir Ris Beach is said to be haunted. Just a stone’s throw away from the rows of chalets, the ominous sight of this tower and the tales surrounding it removes all kinds of fun and joy.

One story that’s survived the years is about a boy who had a “third eye”. One night, he cycled there with his friends and while they were resting on the ground, the boy just ran up to the highest floor and jumped to his death.

People say he was possessed and pushed over the edge by spirits, but there has been no confirmation at all. Pontianaks have also been sighted at the highest point of the tower as well.

5. Woodlands, Block 852

Taking a break from the East, we head to the other side of Singapore. For many years, people living near the North were trading ghost stories about Woodlands Block 852. With its red facade, the block stands out from the others in the area. It’s known for having many vacant units, simply because nobody wants to stay there.

Why? The most famous theory has to do with an inci­dent that hap­pened in 2009. A 51-year-old mother, who was reportedly mentally un­stable, stabbed and killed her teenage daugh­ter. Following the incident, stories about the spirits of both mother and daughter have emerged. Chilling encounters with the pair in the lifts and around the block have often been heard.

6. Amber Beacon Tower

Credit – PropertyGuru

The striking yellow Amber Beacon Tower might be a common sight to visitors of East Coast Park. Climbing to the very top to have a picture taken is something to do when you’re there, but the tower has a grim past that has led to claims of it being haunted.

There have been sightings of a female apparition and haunting screams for help at the top in the middle of the night. The tower is associated with a case in the 1990s, where a couple was attacked while on a date.

Two masked assailants stabbed the couple while they were seated on the tower’s spiral staircase. The girl died from her wounds, while her counterpart survived. Rumour has it that her spirit still haunts this very tower and even till now, the murder case remains unsolved.

7. Taman Jurong, Yung Kuang Road

Credit – RememberSingapore.org

Easily recognised because of the four diamond-shaped blocks, the Taman Jurong, Yung Kuang Road area was empty before it was turned into housing for lower-income families or for those awaiting their BTOs.

Although it seems lively with an NTUC supermarket on the first level, it gets spookier as you advance to the higher levels. Rumours of these blocks being a notorious site for suicides and deaths in the past is actually true, based on old newspaper records.

One notable incident was regarding two children, aged one and three, who plunged to their deaths from Block 64 in the 1980s. Thrillseekers have reportedly fallen sick after exploring the area and some even felt a “strange” aura when heading up to the higher floors. You’ve been warned!

8. Teban Gardens, Block 65

Credit – PropertyGuru

Teban Gardens is said to be haunted due to the pale exterior of the buildings in the area as well as all the numerous weird happenings.

Most notably, there was a murder at the lift lobby of the 11th floor about a decade ago in Block 65. The incident was all over the news at that point in time and ever since then, reports of the lift shaking or even stopping in between floors has been reported. Though no apparitions have been spotted, it wouldn’t be a good idea to head back alone in the lift because you never know.

9. Geylang Lorong 3, Block 114

Credit – PropertyGuru

This is the site where a gruesome murder took place in 2005. In Geylang Lorong 3, Block 114, Leong Siew Chor killed China national Liu Hong Mei in cold blood, chopping her body into seven parts in the flat. Up till now, her feet have still not been discovered.

With such a harrowing tale, it’s no wonder that the unit remained vacant until 2009. The new occupant soon moved out however and residents in the area still stray away from this topic as it is indeed unpleasant. I personally wouldn’t hang around, just in case a certain someone comes looking for her feet.

10. Toa Payoh Lorong 7, Block 12

Credit – srx.com.sg

Toa Payoh peeps, where you at? Lorong 7, Block 12 is where one of the most horrific murders in Singapore’s history occurred. In 1981, a medium, along with his wife and mistress, killed a nine-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy while conducting rituals which involved blood, drugs, and sex. Crucifixes, idols and witchcraft items were present at the scene when the police arrived.

For some strange reason, the family that moved in after that even struck the lottery. However, they soon moved out and various occupants have filled the unit without staying for long. Even now, it seems like it remains vacant. Blood, drugs and witchcraft? A million times nope.

— —

The tales from these places certainly make me think twice about visiting some of them. But if you feel fearless, I guess there is nothing that can stop you from venturing to these areas. Well, a little warning for you, don’t go around asking for things when there are none. Especially with the hungry ghost festival approaching, it would not be wise to do so. Who knows? There just might be a new friend in your group.

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