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| On 4 years ago

Professional DotA 2 Classes: Learn From The Best & Level-Up Your Gaming Skills In Singapore This May 2017

It’s every gamer’s dream come true – you can now attend school for DotA 2, thanks to Singapore’s Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA). SCOGA will hold a course for this famous Multiplayer Battle Online Arena (MOBA) game this coming May 2017.

DotA, which actually stands for Defense of the Ancients, was one of the games which popularised the MOBA genre, alongside Warcraft III. Since DotA started out as a community-made game based on modifications of Blizzard’s Warcraft III characters, you can see why it was well-received.

Following that line of thought, the DotA 2 course is also structured with the help of passionate local gamers, Lubby, InsidiousC and Tudi. They have actually created a syllabus (with how serious they are about gaming, you know it’s going to be good) to take on important winning factors of DotA 2 and transform your gameplay.

The course is tailored to help both beginners and experienced players alike, and is estimated to run for about four to five hours. To let you find out if this is for you, the first session is free of charge but as the limit of attendees per class is only 20, we advise that you sign up as soon as more details are released.

Dates: May 2017, more details to be confirmed

Prices: To be confirmed

DotA 2 Course By SCOGA: Website | Facebook

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