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| On 1 year ago

Preetipls Responds to Jamie Chua’s Biz Partner Calling Her “Keeper of the Indian Race” — It’s Exhausting

Remember when Singaporean socialite Jamie Chua made some extremely tone-deaf remarks about migrant workers?

“… dreamt of the Indian workers dorm and they were all rushing into my house…”

Yeah, that one. In response to her remarks, Jamie Chua publically apologised and made donations to two charities that provide support to migrant workers.

Fast forward to today, 3 June 2020, and if you’ve been stuck in a hole for the past few days, let me provide you with some updates. On 25 May 2020, an African American man named George Floyd had been murdered by a police officer. He died from asphyxiation—the police officer who put his knee against Floyd’s neck despite him saying “I can’t breathe” numerous of times has now been charged with murder and manslaughter. The United States is now protesting countrywide and has sparked discussions on racism worldwide.

This probably resulted in why Preeti Nair tweeted the following:

What do you think about Nair’s response? Is it extremely problematic that Jamie Chua’s business partner laughed it off when Nair asked them to repeat themselves? Yes. I applaud Nair for her willingness to take up the opportunity to educate those on their tone-deafness, but one cannot help but empathise with her exhaustiveness. It takes more than one woman to educate insensitive people on race.

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