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700 Pairs Of Prada X Adidas Superstar Sneaker Collaboration To Release On 4 December 2019

Hipsters and hypebeasts to the front and centre, please. Get ready to spend that money. 

Credit: Adidas

Prada X Adidas Superstar Sneaker Collaboration

After teasing us for quite some time, Italian luxury fashion house Prada and Sportswear brand Adidas has just shared with us some pictures of their upcoming Superstar sneaker collaboration which drops on 4 December 2019. 

The limited-edition shoe will be an all-white take on the classic Adidas Superstar sneakers. The footwear will be made in Italy by Prada where only 700 pairs will be made. Now, that’s pretty exclusive. 

Credit: Adidas

Additionally, the sneakers will be released as unisex and feature an edition number embossed on the outside, as well as the Prada logo on the tongue and side. Nice touch there.

Credit: Adidas

Prada X Adidas White Leather Bowling Bag Tote

Along with the shoe drop, the brands are launching a large version of Prada’s bowling bag tote, also in white leather, this will be a fusion of Prada’s iconic silhouette with the functionality of an Adidas gym bag.

Credit: Adidas

History Behind Adidas’ Superstar Sneaker

Combining sports with pop culture is nothing new for both brands. In 1969, the Superstar sneaker was first released into the world as an on-court basketball shoe championed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Credit: Adidas

It quickly became a cultural icon and cult item, surpassing its original sports purpose. The legendary shoes have been worn by some big names like the Beastie Boys and RUN DMC, pictured below.

I mean, backing it up with the iconic track “My Adidas” by the latter probably helped a little bit with the popularity too. 

Credit: Getty/Lynn Goldsmith

Many may think of Prada as just a luxury brand but don’t be fooled. Prada certainly knows what’s up when it comes to streetwear thanks to its Prada Sport collection. 

Credit: Prada

Now known as Prada Linea Rossa, which has flipped the label’s signature nylon into outdoors apparel, ski-wear, techy ready-to-wear and accessories. 

Credit: Prada

Both items will be available to purchase in Prada and Adidas online and select retail stores on 4 December 2019. Just in time for the holidays. Hopefully, you’ll be lucky enough to get a pair as a gift or hey, just treat yourself!

Price:  Information on pricing has not been released yet.

Prada X Adidas Superstar Sneaker Collaboration: Prada Website | Adidas Website

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