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| On 2 years ago

10 Pop Culture Appearances By Singapore You Missed

No matter how much we complain about the strict laws and limitations of the entertainment scene in our tiny country, we have always felt this sense of pride when Singapore is seen on the global stage. From blockbuster movies to action-packed games, there has always been this gratification upon the appearance of Singapore.

We have always wanted to see Singapore appearing in the global entertainment scene, though not for the wrong reasons. These are a list of 10 cameos of Singapore in pop culture. How many have you noticed?

1. Crazy Rich Asians

Credit – Facebook, Crazy Rich Asians

Singapore was often mistaken as a part of China, but this movie possibly dispelled that belief. Finally, that is something to be proud of. What’s even better was that Crazy Rich Asian had an all Asian cast which included our local celebrity, Pierre Png, who made an appearance in this Hollywood film.

It left a huge impression on many Westerners who may not know that Singapore is indeed a beautiful country to travel to with the showcase of iconic landmarks in Singapore such as Marina Bay Sands and CHIJMES. I guess most of us can agree with that fact.

2. Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire

For anime lovers, you might be surprised as to why Singapore was chosen as the location for Detective Conan: The Fist Of Blue Sapphire. It was simply due to the fact that the creator, Gosho Go-Ayama, was impressed with Singapore during his visit in 2016 and wanted to have it featured in this beloved manga and anime series.

Credit – Youtube

Marina Bay Sands is just one location that you have to associate with the great sights in Singapore. It was featured in this film where Detective Conan and Kaitou Kid became embroiled in a conspiracy involving a murder in Marina Bay Sands and the mysterious Blue Sapphire.

3. Equals

Credit – Youtube

This movie made headlines in Singapore in 2014 when locals spotted US actress Kristen Stewart during filming. Familiar places such as Henderson Waves, Marina Barrage, one-north MRT station, and the Reflections at Keppel Bay condominium can be seen in Equals.

Why this places you might wonder. Set in a futuristic dystopian society, these places were able to pull off the scrubbed-clean visual aesthetic looks that can be commonly seen in sci-fi films. Some lucky locals even got a chance to spot the cast on their sightseeing tour around the island as well.

4. Pirates Of The Carribean: At World’s End

I was surprised to see Singapore being featured in Pirates Of The Carribean: At World’s End, one of the most iconic movies in Hollywood. It is surprising to see that Singapore was a location for one of the film sequence, and the mention of it by the A-list celebrities in the film made it even more surreal. Furthermore, Singapore is written in the storyline where the pirates had to travel here in their quest to save Captain Jack and reclaim the Black Pearl.

Credit – allthetests.com

5. Hitman: Agent 47

Credit – dailycampus.com

Hitman: Agent 47 is an American action thriller film based on the Hitman video game series. Singapore was featured prominently in this movie and Robinson Road was closed for two-and-a-half days to film a shootout scene.

Other landmarks in Singapore such as Changi Airport and Gardens By The Bay provided scenic backdrops for certain parts of this movie as well.

6.Independence Day: Resurgence

It seems like Singapore is the go-to place for sci-fi movie filmings. Independence Day: Resurgence was filmed on our very shores, but instead of the scenes where we envy the luxurious backdrop of Singapore, it certainly showed a different side.

Credit – rivercitygranitestl.com

As this movie was a sci-fi action disaster film, you get to see Marina Bay Sands engulfed in flames amid a crumbling Shenton Way.


Credit – Callofduty.fandom.com

Singapore made its first appearance in CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 2 where it is a side mission from the main storyline. The mission was to call down an airstrike on the freighter and have it destroyed. It’s strange to have such a mission carried out on our tiny island, but still, it’s Call Of Duty. In the game’s narrative, Singapore is destroyed in the year 2060 due to a chemical leak that kills over 100,000 people on the first day.


Credit – infinitemirai.wordpress.com

Talking about shooting games, Battlefield 4 has long been regarded as CoD’s main rival. So what is up for Singapore in this game? Well, it features a full single-player level set in Singapore where China has taken over the island. It might be true. The player and his squad are deployed there to destroy an airfield that looks like Changi Airport.

In the game, players can see the three towers of Marina Bay Sands in a distance, and also signs pointing to Changi Airport. It just seems like it, but just remember that this is all fictionized so car plates as such are not the exact ones that we see in reality.


Credit – Youtube

Everybody knows about Formula One being in Singapore and racing is not considered as such an abnormality. But yes, only legal racing. NEED FOR SPEED: NITRO is probably the closest that you can get to underground racing in Singapore.

This game features Singapore’s cityscape where the Merlion, Esplanade and the Singapore Flyer can be seen as well.

10.‘High Life’ by B.o.B

Credit- Youtube

If you haven’t already noticed, Marina Bay Sands is probably seen in almost all of the pop culture appearances that Singapore has made. Lest we forget, the music scene. Most of us would remember B.O.B, the American rapper. Well, his music video for “High Life” showcases the infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands as well as the skyline at night. It’s amazing how much street cred Singapore has gotten by being featured on an international rapper’s music video.

You may or may not have heard of some of these famous appearances before, but that does not take away that small pride you have for Singapore when it is seen on the global stage. I just feel that it is a little surreal that a country this small, can actually make such a huge impact on the international scene. Proud to be Singaporean? You bet.

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