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The Adorable Pokemon Tail Series Will Have You Hooked And Organised At Home

Hailing from Japan, the Pokemon Tail Series is available now for purchase through Toyo Case’s Novelty Goods Retailer, Village Vanguard’s online store and retail outlets. 

Everyone knows characters from Pokemon, like Pikachu, as one of the most iconic video game characters out there. Now, not only will your eyes be glued to your gaming screens but these characters will be glued to your walls too. 

Credit: Village Vanguard

The Pokemon Tail Series features both the male and female Pikachus. The male, in their straight-tipped tail design and the female in their heart-tipped tail design.

Credit: Village Vanguard

Not only that, there are six other Pokemons to choose from as well, namely Slowpoke, Mew, Eevee, Sylveon, Glaceon and Leafeon.

Here’s goofy Slowpoke pictured beside the mysterious Mew.

Credit: Village Vanguard

Who can forget the charming Eevee and her other three evolutions, Fairy-type Sylveon, Ice-type Glaceon and Grass-type Leafeon?

Credit: Village Vanguard

These water-resistant organizing hooks have adhesives attached to the back which makes it easy to be glued to flat surfaces such as tiles, walls and glass. Whether in your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, leave it to these Pokemons to keep your stash organised and cute at the same time. 

Credit: Village Vanguard

Think these cute faces can’t handle the weight of your household items? Think again! The tails are partially bendable with a metal core making them sturdy and strong.

Credit: Village Vanguard

Price: JPY1,100 (S$13.82)

The Pokémon Tail Series is for sale through the novelty goods retailer Village Vanguard’s retail outlets and online store. 

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