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Hold Your Poses & Train Your Endurance At This Pilates Marathon At Marine Parade On 4 Feb

This is it, I think I’ve found it. I’ve finally found a marathon where I don’t have to worry about reaching the finish line.

If you’re like me and running isn’t exactly your forte, here’s a different kind of marathon for you to take part in — the Pilates Marathon 2018!

The “marathon” will be a two-and-a-half-hour-long session, with moves that will train your strength and mobility.

Pilates is a great exercise for those who want to tone up their bodies and aren’t into cardio routines. For instance, holding certain poses can help to improve your core strength and train your muscle endurance. In addition, it also trains your balance.

After you’re done with the exercises, get ready for the most challenging part of the morning.

Grit your teeth, strengthen your resolve, engage your muscles and remind yourself “I can do this!” as the Pilates Marathon 2018 will culminate with a final endurance challenge.

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If you’re a Pilates aficionado or if you just want to try something new, here’s a marathon like no other to get you one step closer to your goal of keeping fit.

Mats will be provided at this year’s “Crazy Socks”-themed Pilates Marathon so just grab your water bottles, put on some crazy socks and get ready to have a fruitful morning exercise.

Date & Time: 4 February 2018, 9.45am – 12.30pm

Price: S$30

Pilates Marathon 2018: Pilates BodyTree East, 1 Marine Parade Central, Parkway Centre #11-09, Singapore 449408| Tickets | Website | Facebook

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