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Ximi Voue Vs Miniso Singapore: Which Is The Better Affordable Lifestyle Brand?

It’s been almost half a year since lifestyle brand Miniso was accused of being a “Muji copycat” and a new competitor has joined the fray. Meet Ximi Voue, a Korea-based fast fashion department store that has launched in Singapore.

The brand, seemingly facing a little identity crisis, also goes by the names Ximiso and Ximi Vogue.

Ximi Voue 1

Appearance-wise, Ximi Voue bears an uncanny resemblance to Miniso. Notice how the two brands use similar fonts and colours in their logos?

Both stores also have the same interior design, with simple white shelves and bright white lights. The layouts are identical enough that an unwitting shopper may easily confuse the two.

We decided to head down to both stores to find out which offers better products, considering the variety, quality and price point. But first, let’s see what are some of the key products each brand offers.

Ximi Voue

For beauty products, Ximi Voue carries replicas of many popular high-end brands. For example, you can find dupes for Urban Decay’s Lipsticks (S$15.90) and Peri Pera Lip Tints (S$5.90).

However, I wouldn’t recommend spending S$15.90 on the lipstick. At this price point, you’ll be better off getting an authentic Colourpop one instead.

Other dupes you can expect to see are makeup removers resembling Banilla Co’s Clean It Zero balm and make-up brushes reminiscent of Real Techniques’ sets.

The store also carries a pretty sizeable collection of fragrances.

This was my favourite perfume (S$7.90) of the bunch. It had a light, inoffensive floral fragrance and a spritz on the back of my hand lasted for a few hours. It’ll make for a good gift if your budget is below S$10 and you don’t know the other person well enough.

Other gift options include soft toys and simple household goods like bottles and mugs. You’ll also find a selection of utensils, plates and simple clothing options like socks, undergarments, caps and wallets.

Everything in the store is priced reasonably and majority of items are around S$3 – S$20.


Miniso’s version

Ximi Voue’s version

Similarly, Miniso carries make-up dupes for well-known brands like this Lip Balm (S$8.90) which closely resembles Dior’s Lip Addict Glow lip balm.

In addition, the brand also offers basic tee shirts that look rather similar to Uniqlo’s. 

It’s not just me who thinks so, right?

Miniso also carries other products in addition to the range that Ximi Voue carries. An example is this range of baking equipment such as Hand Mixers (S$17.90) and Stand Mixers (S$44.90).

This Tempered Glass Body Weight Scale caught my eye as I wandered around the store. At S$13.90, it’s such a sleek and useful buy, right?

Miniso also carries additional tech gadgets like portable chargers and speakers. These are a little pricier and cost around S$20 – S$30.

I had a pleasant surprise when I saw that the store carries a really nice selection of bags for girls. I would totally buy them as a present for a friend and at S$13.90, they’re really reasonable.

Another popular product that I loved was the We Bare Bears Plushie (S$10.90). TOO CUTE!


I was challenged to spend S$10 at each store and to compare which one gave me a better loot. Here are the things I bought:

From Ximi Voue: iPhone Charger (S$5.90) and Plastic Storage Box (S$4.90).

I love this Plastic Storage Box! Maybe it’s just because I love being organised and this simple and minimal design would fit in anywhere. An added bonus is that the design looks like it that belongs on Muji’s shelves but those would have cost upwards of S$20.

From Miniso: Set Of Pens (S$2.90 for three), Bottle (S$3.90), Travel Toothbrush and Toothpaste (S$2.90).

This would come in so handy for short trips!

— —


Though many of the products that Ximi Voue and Miniso carry pretty much overlap, I find Miniso’s products a lot more trendy and appealing. Also, they have more extensive options to choose from.

In terms of the price, there’s not much difference, just that Miniso sells slightly pricier items like the Stand Mixers. If you want to get technical, I would say that generally Miniso’s retail prices are slightly lower for the same product.

Overall, both stores are great places to shop at for affordable buys if you’re not too picky about quality. But after considering all the factors, my final verdict is that I will be sticking to Miniso!

Prices: S$2.90 – S$45

Ximi Voue: Various Outlets | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm | Website | Facebook

Miniso: Various Outlets | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm | Website | Facebook

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