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5 Spots At The New Changi Airport Terminal Four That’ll Land You Cool Insta Photos

Terminal Four (T4) at Changi Airport opened last October 2017, and as with all new things in the country, people swarmed the place in no time. But now that the hype has died down, you should really pay T4 a visit.

Why? Because the new terminal is a great location for you to take plenty of pictures for the ‘gram. Wearing a cute outfit? Or feeling like your make-up is on point? Here are five spots at T4 where you can land some great pictures for your Instagram feed:  

1. Spacious Outdoor Car Park

On the top floor of the terminal, there’s an open-air car park that’s largely unoccupied, even on the weekends. That means that you’ll have loads of space where you can freely roam to take pictures.

Lean against the parapet and look far into the distance to capture that I’m-too-cool-to-look-into-the-camera shot.

You can also stand in the middle of the car park and just take a wide-angle shot. Just make sure that your caption for the photo is some inspirational stuff, like how you’re alone in this picture but you’re never really lonely. Wait, that’s actually kind of edgy…

Wait till the sun is about to set, and you’ll get some nice colours in the sky, and this will be the time to unleash your inner supermodel.

Walk around the huge car park and you’ll also notice other nice spots; just take whatever you can! That’s the fun part.

2. McDonald’s Fries & Burger Signs

This is convenient, because once you’re done with the car park, just walk back indoors and McDonald’s is right there. On a brick wall just outside the fast-food outlet are two cute signs of fries and a burger.

Here’s where the tough part comes in: time to choose between your love for either burgers or fries. You can only pick one side.

Clearly, my friend here was all about that burger life.

3. Pretty Food Court

Food Emporium at level two is pretty much an atas food court, so naturally, it’s a clean and nice place; nice enough to be able to snap some pictures.

Walk around and you’ll see some decorations on the walls. We found a white brick wall with numerous picture frames plastered on it. This makes for a decent photo, especially because of the white bricks.

It doesn’t look anything like a food court!

In the middle area, there are seats with plants all around. Try and play around with the framing to see if you can get a shot you like.

4. Super Long Escalators

I know that there’re a lot of other escalators around Singapore, but how many of them are well-lit and not crowded with people? These escalators are pretty long too, so you can also try sitting on the steps and then have your friend take a very step cool photo of you.

It may be a basic shot, but if you’re already at the airport, why not? Just be careful because yes, these do move.

5. Departure Area Drop-Off Point

The long stretch of road outside the departure area looks gorgeous at night, with petal-shaped pink neon lights lighting up the pavement. The colours actually give off a very club-like feel.

If you like pink and you like portraits of yourself to be taken, then you should definitely seek out this spot. Just be mindful of the cars coming in; don’t accidentally wander onto the road while taking the pictures.

— —

The new T4 is a great addition to the already amazing Changi Airport; you know our airport is consistently ranked as the best airport in the world, right?

It’s visually stunning and serves as a great location for a mini photo shoot. I’m sure there are even more spots within the terminal for nice photos, you just have to stretch your creativity!

Just a quick tip: go on a weekday if you can. There’ll be a smaller crowd so it’s easier for you to move around and do it for the ‘gram.

Changi Airport Terminal 4: 10 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819665 | Website | Facebook

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