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You Can Alter Your Personality By Changing Your Handwriting – Explained By A Handwriting Analyst In Singapore

I have never had neat handwriting. In fact, the frequent complaint I get during my schooling days was my illegible handwriting. I have never thought much of it. For me, as long as somebody understands it, it is okay. Little did I know, handwriting is a window into your personality, and it reveals your character through the few different strokes in ink.

Intrigued, I found myself speaking to Nidhi Gupta, the founder of Write2win, and the only Authorised Mentor from Handwriting University International, to find out the science behind handwriting analysis and to dispel the scepticism that I have.

As Nidhi is passionate about teaching children, she runs the Kids Handwriting program where she analyse the handwriting of children and provides feedback on specific areas of improvement to children and their parents. “Everybody is expecting kids to write neatly and nicely but no one’s helping them,” Nidhi mentioned.

Apart from developing the handwriting of children, Nidhi has also worked with several corporate staff from the Human Resource industry, where she can aid them in the candidate profiling process. She has managed to make handwriting analysis as a form of support in the corporate industry while developing the future generation.

Handwriting Analysis

I have written a sample for Nidhi to analyse, and in an instant, she was able to get a grasp of my personality. “If somebody were to ask, you would give your frank opinions, but you wouldn’t say it without being persuaded. You are an independent person, and you don’t like people beating around the bush,” she said as she glanced at the text. It felt as though I was talking to a psychic. It is creepy yet fascinating at the same time knowing that somebody can read your personality through some handwritten words.

She then gave me an example of how each letter written plays a part in deciphering one’s personality. “Take, for example, the letter ‘t’. If the horizontal stroke shifts to the right, it shows temper and to the left, it means procrastination. A low stroke shows low self-esteem, where one often underestimates his abilities, and a high one indicates high self-esteem,” she mentioned as she scribbled down the letters.

“It is coming directly from the brain, from your subconscious mind, and it reveals what is going on in it as well. There will be positives as well as negatives to be improved on,” Nidhi mentioned as I questioned how one’s personality could be related to the handwriting.

She added on to her point, “Changing your handwriting on purpose is a therapeutic process to change your personality positively. It will take a minimum of 21 days.” All these theories soon began to make much sense as I started to think about how one’s handwriting changes over time as well, and personality changes play a significant role in it.

The science behind the changing of handwriting relates to the creation of new neuron pathways in the brain, where you will form a new habit by following the new path instead. Then, you will see your personality starts to change naturally. Nidhi also mentioned that for deep-rooted fears, counselling might be required for you to eradicate it. “Handwriting is a psychological tool, and there is a science behind it, there is a lot of potential for firms to look for in employing workers with handwriting in the future,” Nidhi added.

Signature Makeover

“Handwriting shows who you are and your signature shows how you are presenting yourself in the world. As you can see, your writing is straight but your signature is shifting to the right. This is why I can see that you are a reserved, mysterious person and you will keep your opinions to yourself. But when you are heading out for social events, you will mix with people and not reveal that quiet side.” Nidhi mentioned as I looked on with astonishment.

“Your signature is how you want others to perceive you. Like the word itself, you can derive Sign-Your-Nature from it. If your signature is not reflecting who you are, you will not get what you are looking at; it is like a magnet,” she added. Her piece of advice would be to change your signature if you had it for a long time as your personality has changed as well over the years.

As for my signature, it received a makeover where the stroke has to be under my name instead of cutting through. “It is like cutting through your name, your own identity, so you are self-critical at the wrong times. When you put it under, it shows that you are self-reliant. Making it big will also show more boldness in your personality,” she pointed out.

“My dream is to help every child in Singapore to have great handwriting as handwriting is an essential tool in shaping your personality,” Nidhi asserted. I am thoroughly impressed by the analysis driven by handwriting, especially so when it comes to the specific details about my personality. I was expecting a generic analysis that would apply to many people, but it turned out otherwise.

Although I may not be a firm believer in such practices, the science behind the habitual change led me to think that this might be true after all. It might be ludicrous to think that a company will make use of handwriting analysis for employment purposes, but it is happening in the real world. If a skeptic like me can corroborate Nidhi’s assessment, I believe handwriting analysis opens a door for many others to experience it.

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