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Pandora Passions Collection: All That We Love, coming to you this March 2020

I’m obsessed with Pandora. I always have been, and I always will be. Even if you’re not a seasoned fan, this new collection hits close to home as it seeks to celebrate all the simple pleasures of life.


The charms allow everyone the opportunity to express who they are and wear their hearts on their wrists. With their wide range of designs, the simple joys of life are embracedfrom the warmth of a hug to the ecstasy you feel from trying on a new pair of shoes. The collection features an array of themes such as Furry Friends, Music, Spiritualism, and Life’s Daily Pleasures.


With each charm having a possessing a unique meaning, you can select a special combination that’s specific to you to be attached to the bracelet. This promotes freedom for you to express yourself in a way that you feel best suits. You can also carry it around as a symbol of your identity and flourish who you are. Displayed below are all the charms that are a part of the collection.


The charms will be made available from 5 March 2020 at all Pandora stores and eStores. For this particular All That We Love collection, the prices of the charms will range from S$69 to S$129. I hope you’re looking forward to this release because I most definitely am.

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