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Local Shop Oudhini Brings Exotic Middle Eastern Vibes to Your Home

For all of you working hard as ever from home in your comfy boxers, here’s something you’d definitely want to consider adding to your house for a work environment like no other.

As we trudge towards the second half of a year spent working from home, there has never been a more fitting time to maintain an exotic and joy-sparking atmosphere in the household. Introducing, Oudhini’s magical Oudh incense.

Credit – Oudhini

With natural smells ranging from an array of spices, woods, desert flowers, and rare herbs, these Middle-Eastern scents are set to charm and take you on a carpet ride to the sand dunes and palm trees of Dubai at dusk. Think ancient pharaohs, royal Arabian Kings, sheikhs, and sultans—there’s a reason why people call Oudh the “wood of the gods”.

Whether you’re a Middle-Eastern culture connoisseur or simply looking to vivify the mood in your home, these scents are guaranteed to serve you well. Oudhini packages more than a thousand years of history and prestige into little, airtight jars and delivers Arabian luxury straight to your door.

Credit – Oudhini

The fragrance of Oudh, which are essentially wooden chips dipped in oils, is extracted via cooking on top of smouldering charcoal in an incense holder. The smoke is then wafted throughout the home, leaving behind sweet lingering scents that can last for days on end.

Credit – Oudhini

Oudhini is currently selling starter kits which include everything you need to burn Oudh such as a jet lighter, charcoal, and an incense holder for S$60. They also offer free shipping in Singapore for orders above S$50.

Check out their website here.

Price: S$60 for Starter Kits and S$25 or S$55 for individual jars, depending on collection.

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