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Zoom from a room ‘away’ from home with the sound-proof Otegaroom room box

Though we’ve had months to sort out and get used to the work from home life, misery has a funny way of catching up to us. During the month of August, many estates were plagued with the loud boom of fighter jets traversing our skies in preparation of National Day celebrations, reducing many home-based calls to a mere string of “sorry” and “could you please repeat that?”

As if being cooped up with the rest of your family all day isn’t intimate enough, Otegaroom offers a makeshift room within your own room as a sweet respite from all the chaos surrounding you. You can soundproof and even install LED lights and a ventilation fan inside your Otegaroom to create an environment that’s as conducive for work as possible.

Credit – Pia Living

While the Otegaroom keeps sound from coming in, it also keeps sound out—so yes, I am insinuating that it’s the perfect place to hold your (not so) secret karaoke sessions and for you to just jam out in private without the worry of disturbing anyone else. After all, it’s said that the Otegaroom’s soundproofing system prevents the spread of sounds up to 15 decibels.

Credit – Pia Living

At an eye-popping 198,000 yen (approx. S$2,540.83), your 50kg room sets up like a piece of IKEA furniture—(almost) as easy as ABC. End all your noise pollution-related woes and try this ‘room away from your room’ technology for greater peace of mind.

Price: 198,000 yen (approx. S$2, 540.83)

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