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Level up and regenerate to full-life with this OSIM 2-in-1 gaming massage chair

Aching backs, stiff necks and sore shoulders—’tis the bane of all gamers’ existence since virtually forever. If you’re a gamer yourself, more often than not you’d find yourself nestled in your couch, or seat, for hours in a day. Gaming requires a lot of mental focus and hand-eye dexterity, so if your seat is old and lopsided, it can cause lots of discomfort to your body which can ultimately affect your gaming experience.

If you’re looking to level up from the old computer chair, check this out—OSIM just released a two-in-one gaming chair that is not only made specifically for long-hours of gaming, it can also give you a massage while you’re at it.

Credit – OSIM

Built specifically with gamers in mind, the Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM takes care of your posture while making sure you have the most comfortable seat in the virtual room. It’s packed with all the bells and whistles—a built-in Bluetooth enabled speakers, an embedded control panel, a reclinable backrest, V-Hands Massage technology and a whole suite of Manual Massage options.

Credit – OSIM

Thanks to the V-Hands Massage technology, you can get a shoulder and neck massage while your body rests against the luxurious memory foam packed into the backrest and headrest support. For extra points, the chair can also kick sore backs in the butt with its in-built lumbar support that can massage your lower back to reduce stress from prolonged sitting.

Credit – OSIM

Be the king in your own throne, and let this chair regenerate you to full-life without having to worry about a sore back and neck anymore. The chair is currently available for purchase on Shopee at a discounted price of S$849.

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