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Orchid Bowl @SAFRA Punggol: Glow-in-the-dark Balls, Selfie Cams -The Future Of Bowling Is Here

Punggol isn’t exactly the place I would jio everyone to, but the new bowling alley at SAFRA really is quite something. I know what you’re thinking: Bowling is bowling. You roll the ball, hit as many pins as you can, simple.

It can be so much more you guys.

Firstly, it was like stepping into another dimension. Glow in the dark bowling should definitely be a permanent thing everywhere, and with heart-pumping dance music blasting, I was raring to go.

I guess it was also a definite plus that people couldn’t really see me bowl gutters.

24 lanes and a pay-per-hour system finally means that you and your friends don’t have to wait ages for a lane. I distinctly remember sometimes waiting even two whole hours just for a game! Goodbye primitive bowling days.

My friend and I managed to squeeze in three games of 10 frames in an hour, which was pretty good bang for our buck. Remember to bring along any of these cards for a discount!

The biggest change that Orchid Bowl @ SAFRA Punggol brings to the Singapore bowling scene however has to be the new interactive scoring system. I’m talking themed games, personalised backgrounds and varied game formats.

The highlight for me has to be the Selfie Grids that allow you to take pictures using the built-in camera of the SuperTouch LCD bowler consoles.

It’s super user-friendly and definitely made the game a lot more fun being able to customise backgrounds. Our lane neighbours thoroughly enjoyed my various facial expressions throughout the game.

The selfie option may be what caught my attention, but the revolutionary system offers you so much more. Lane Chatter allows you to text other lanes if you came as a huge group and were split into two, and don’t even get me started on the Mad Games that you can opt for to attempt different bowling challenges.

Let’s be honest, hard as we all try to look professional curling the ball, the majority of us are unfortunately not bowling champions. The new system allows customisation to the level that you can select which player would prefer to have the bumpers up and they automatically raise on their turn (and pretty subtly at that).

Bowling is a fun game as it is, but this is after all 2016 and I’m glad we’ve upped the ante on this underrated bonding activity. Orchid Bowl @ SAFRA Punggol is spoiling the market for bowling alleys everywhere and I’ll gladly make the trip down any day.

Orchid Bowl @ SAFRA Punggol: 10 Sentul Cres, Singapore 828851 | Opening Hours | Tel: +65 6385 6801 | Website

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