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oBag: 12 Days of Hype Giveaway — Product Spotlight

To the uninitiated, oBag is a label that hails from Italy and is known for its iconic customizable bags. When we say customization, we mean everything ranging from its handles, size, accessories, bag flaps, and material. From striking colours to bold designs, oBag’s products perfectly balance functionality with trend. Plus, the best part about customizing your bag is keeping the ‘copycat curse’ at bay.

O bag is a strong advocate of sustainability and environmental awareness, and hence their bags are made of food-safe Silicone and XL Extralight®—materials that are compliant with food safety regulations and are completely non-toxic. In addition to that, each bag component is strictly manufactured with highly durable and recyclable materials.
This Christmas, instead of just merely giving out a bag, oBag wants you to participate in crafting the gift of your desires with a S$150 voucher up for grabs. At oBag, designing your new tote is more than just a process, it’s an experience.

At their flagship outlet at 313 shopping centre, you will experience the first-hand affair of touching, feeling, and looking at the different variants available, from which you will get to assemble and create your dream bag. Feel free to go all out with the accessories and embellishments, but keep in mind that you’re required to top up for any cost that exceeds S$150.

Giveaway Details:

1 x $150 oBag Voucher

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