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Own Adorable Makeup Sets From Disney Taiwan’s Cherry Blossom Collection For Under S$10

Cherry Blossoms have always been all the craze, and now, especially with the lunar new year just around the corner. Cherry blossoms in tea, food, drinks—we just can’t seem to get enough of it. But what’s better than cherry blossoms? Why, cherry blossoms with a Disney crossover of course.

Now, as a make up-donning girl who has a love for Disney greater than she probably should, I couldn’t help but gleam when I first laid eyes on this gorgeous new collection. No seriously, I swear I saw a sparkle.

Just when you thought makeup packaging couldn’t get any more attractive, Disney has outdone themselves again (as they always do!) with their latest collaboration with Skyblue, a Taiwanese fashion label. This Cherry Blossom Makeup Collection features characters from their two most-loved, endearing series’—Mickey Mouse and Winnie The Pooh, with each item affordably priced at NT$199 (approx S$8.95).

For fans of the yellow, honey-munching bear, you can treat yourself to a blush and lipstick set that’s available for NT$199 (S$8.95). The adorable packaging makes it a really great gift too.

If you’re less into makeup, and more into that hashtag ‘organization life’, then these purses NT$199 (S$8.95) will surely be up your alley.

Mickey Mouse lovers fret not. Your time has come to own this heart-melting blush-lipstick combination set. It even boasts an adorable Mickey-Minnie pair on the cover. Definitely adding that to my ‘it’s so cute I’m gonna dieee” moments.

Okay all that aside, I’m here to remind you that Skyblue, unfortunately, does not ship direct to Singapore yet, but lucky for us, Shopee saves the day once more. The Pooh and Mickey makeup sets are available on Shopee, but you’re going to need to use EzBuy’s ‘EzShip’ function if you’re getting the Pooh purse.

Disney Cherry Blossom Collection: Website

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