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Nyden: Keep A Lookout For H&M’s Luxury Fashion Label For Millennials

Here’s a little something for you millennials. Looking to make a fashion statement that’ll reflect your passion, creativity, authentic personality and liberal sense of self-expression?

Then you might want to keep a look out for Nyden, the latest fashion spin-off by H&M. With its launch due for early 2018, this might just be the next fashion label that’ll be making waves in the fashion industry.

The brand will feature collaborations with prominent influencers and popular celebrities to create a collection that has a heavy social identity. Nyden will also be exploring popular concepts with the younger generation, involving pop-up events and digital commerce.

Looks like Nyden might actually be set to redefine the conventional fashion industry and inject a sense of novelty into it all! We’re excited. 

Dates: Launching early 2018

Nyden: Website

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