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‘We’re Not Really Strangers’ – Quarantine Edition Card Game Available Now Online

Staying home has bored me to my bare bones. My daily step counts are pathetically bordered to only a 100 or maybe 200 on more exciting days. Rather than lounging in the living room with your family members watching TV, why not break the silence and leverage on this Circuit Breaker to bond with your loved ones over a new card game—one that promotes open sharing and vulnerability.

Credit – WNRS

The purpose-driven card game, “We’re Not Really Strangers” (WNRS), is all about building meaningful connections. There are over 150 carefully crafted questions, ranging from levels one to three. One is the easiest and three is more reflection-centric with questions such as, “What would you like to learn from me?” being asked so you can learn more about the people around you.

Credit – WNRS

Through randomly choosing the cards, everyone is given a platform to share interesting perceptions of each other and also, recollect memories together. The activity aims to allow you to deepen your existing relationships while creating new ones as you spend time to play with one another.

Credit – WNRS

This meaningful table activity is the brainchild of Koreen, a model and artist based in Los Angeles. With COVID-19 and the heightened need for social distancing, WNRS has created a quarantine edition of the card game so that it is accessible to anyone and everyone during this time. Simply enter your name and email with them and you will receive the digital version.

Who says emotional connections have to suffer along with social distancing?

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