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| On 1 year ago

Non-Essential Tees For The Non-Essential Folks — Buy Now

If, by the stroke of misfortune and a riveting Sunday Times’ survey, you have been deemed Non-Essential, then congratulations—you have earned the right to don this series of T-Shirts.

Many have been outraged, hurt, and downright upset that many overlooked yet important roles and positions were labelled as non-essential in a recent survey consisting of Singaporean corespondents. And as expected, there has been no shortage of memes and satire flooding our social media timelines, calling out the ignorance of this claim.

Credit – Singaplex

While we scroll and chuckle at jokes while trying to conceal our tears from being dismissed as non-essential, why not parade it on our clothes while we’re at it? Local publication Singaplex, has taken this kerfuffle up a notch and rolled out a line of Non-Essential T-Shirts.

Credit – Singaplex

You’ll instantly recognise the play on familiar logos of the local arts scene—strikingly similar to that of the National Gallery Singapore, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, and the ArtScience Museum.

Credit – Singaplex

Our personal favourites are the “Passion Made Possible” and “YourSingapore” references that only locals will get.

Now’s a good time as any to purchase these and seal the deal on your lack of essentiality. And remember, nobody can call you non-essential if you declare it yourself first.

Non-Essential T-Shirts by Singaplex | Buy Here | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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