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Your New Must-Have — The 7-Eleven’s 100% Recyclable Tumbler

We often forget that other important issues exist outside of COVID-19. Can you imagine the amount of waste that has been accumulated from masks, GrabFood, Personal Protective Equipment, and other one-time use medical equipment? Of course, given the reality of this pandemic, we have to use disposable equipment for sanitary reasons.

That does not mean that other efforts to reduce waste and being environmentally friendly should be ignored. A way to start is to reduce the use of one-time-use plastics whenever possible. And now it’s easier with the 7-Eleven’s 7Cafe 100% Recyclable tumbler!

Retailing for S$15, this tumbler consists of an outer thermal insulation made from used paper cups. It is 100% recyclable and is designed for a 10-year lifespan. This tumbler keeps your beverages warm or cold for up to 45 minutes and does not have a lid like most tumblers allowing for a 360-drinking experience for the user.

Additionally, rest assured with knowing that your drink will be kept safe with the UK leak-proof design. What better way to enjoy your tumbler than with food? From now until 7 July 2020, 7-Eleven is offering a trove of different breakfast combos for those resuming back to their morning hustle. Ranging from S$2-4, enjoy a Honey Chicken Pau with a packet of Milo Active Go Less Sugar or a 7Days Croissant with a Lipton Milk Tea 300ml.

Find your nearest 7-Eleven store here!

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