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| On 3 years ago

Nodspark: Put On Fuss-Free Nail Wraps Designed In SG That Will Save Both Your Time & Money

Ladies, let’s all admit that part of feeling good is looking good. That’s the reason why we put on makeup, do our hair and paint our nails — but the last one can get a little tricky sometimes.

Either we pay a bomb to get a lasting Gelish manicure or we make do with our shaky hands and have less-than-perfect DIY painted nails.

But what if I told you that you didn’t have to spend S$70 and a couple of hours at a nail parlour just to get cute nails?

The owners of Nodspark, currently the only Singaporean nail wrap brand, feel you and have found a way to put you out of your misery.

Eugenia, Fiona and Nelly first started out as colleagues, but soon founded this venture together after becoming moms, realising that they couldn’t find the time to get their nails done anymore.

I sat down with Eugenia, the main owner of the brand, for a short interview, and even got my nails done by her!

Eugenia started on my colleague’s nails first, and picked out a design that was suitable for short nails. She told us that the team at Nodspark tries to cater to nails of all lengths so that everyone gets to enjoy the product, and explained that patterned prints work best for people with shorter nails.

Eugenia then took us through the different steps for application. When choosing your fit, she stressed that it’s important to choose one that’s slightly smaller than your nail because it would then wrap nicely around after application.

One that’s too big will result in too much excess space, causing creasing and bubbles to form underneath.

Each packet of nail wraps comes with a complimentary nail file and a cuticle pusher. After peeling off the protective top layer and setting it down on your nail, file the excess portion in a downward motion.

No worries if you’ve pasted them down at a wrong angle and wish to change it, simply peel it off gently and stick it down again — the sticker doesn’t wear out that easily. But that said, it doesn’t leave your hands in a sticky mess either!

Select and stick, rinse and repeat for all the other nails.

Once you’re done with all 10 nails, it should look something like this. But you’re not done yet; there’s still one more tiny step to ensure the longevity of your freshly-done nails.

Finish off with a layer of top coat for a glossy and lasting finish. And before you head off and use that old bottle of top coat lying around somewhere in your drawer, Eugenia also added that not all top coat brands work well with nail wraps.

After a couple of trials, she’s found that Out The Door complements her nail wraps the best and has shipped it in straight from the US. It can be bought on her website, along with her variety of nail wraps.

Midway through the session, I admittedly started feeling a little bad; after all, I invited her to talk about her product, not be my manicurist for a day.

But Eugenia assured me that helping people with their nails has always been incredibly therapeutic for her, and that she’s often hunting for friends who are willing to trust her with their manicures.

I have something to confess though: I actually had an existing Gelish manicure underneath but you can hardly tell considering how well Nodspark’s nail wraps conceal it.

Which is a point I wanted to bring up too —  if you’re a little tired of seeing the same prints or colour on your nails every day because of the high-commitment and hard-to-remove Gelish manicure you have on currently, Nodspark’s nail wraps are like a little vacation for your nails when you lust for a fresh change.

Apart from what you’ve seen on my colleague and I, there are many other gorgeous designs you can try out too.

Another colleague tried on the Pink Marble (S$15) which is one of their best sellers (and it’s not hard to see why!).

Of course, we couldn’t miss out on their incredibly adorable Fries Before Guys (S$15) set. Check out the little packets of french fries with arms!

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous or if you just can’t decide, why not get a few packs and switch things up! My colleague here is donning a mix of Summer Art, Pink Marble, Huat Pineapple Tarts and Yellow Sensu.

Technicalities aside, I’m sure you’re curious as to how Nodspark came to fruition in the first place. Here to answer some of those questions is Eugenia, with whom I had a little chit-chat.

Why did you decide to start this venture?

Well, I’m a mum, so obviously I have no time to go to the nail salon but I still want to have pretty nails. I’m reaching out to all my fellow mums so that we can all feel pretty again.

What does the name Nodspark mean?

The ‘NOD’ actually stands for ‘Nails On Demand’, and spark because well, I want my customers to sparkle with happiness when they use my products. I did the branding all in one night, so that’s something I’m really happy with.

Take me through the process of designing a new piece – from brainstorming all the way to churning out the actual product.

During the brainstorming phase of designing a new piece, I’ll think about it from the customer’s point of view. I’ll ask myself, “What do I want to see on my nails?” and narrow down the options from there.

I currently work with a few local illustrators for my designs. We just did a recent collaboration with the Rabbit’s Society and Dog Shelter for charity, so 100% of the profits from those designs go to the associations.

But overall I’d say it takes many rounds of refining even after a product has been released, and we learn what works with customers and what doesn’t along the way.

What’s the weirdest/most interesting customer experience you’ve had so far?

The most interesting customer experience I had was with a young teenager who chewed her nails so much that her nail was almost embedded in her flesh. It was a pop up event that she came up to us after seeing it on Instagram. On a regular basis, we simply use a nail file to file the nail wraps down. But in this case, I was almost breaking a sweat trying to figure out how best to give her the fuss free experience of Nodspark. She was really lovely and curious to give Nodspark a try. In the end, I used a cuticle cutter to cut around her short nails, and it worked.

Now that you guys have created such a fuss-free product, do you live off your own nail wraps daily then?

Yes! I absolutely do. It’s so much fun to get them done, and I change things up every few days. (Her nails answered this question for me quite honestly!)

Apart from the usual fresh new designs, what else can customers look forward to in future?

There are a few pretty exciting series’ coming up – we’ll be doing a kid’s line so that younger ones can enjoy having pretty nails as well. We’re also doing a National Day series that will be largely food-based, so that’s something to watch out for!

Any plans to expand overseas?

Surprisingly we’ve been receiving requests to expand abroad, but I think for now I’d like to focus on really building our brand locally first. We’re still pretty young; it’s only been about a year, so I’m taking things slow for now.

Prices: S$15 per packet

Nodspark: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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