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NLB Mobile App: Borrow eBooks From Your Phone Without Stepping Into The Library

I’ve got to confess that I’ve never really been a fan of Kindle; lugging around an extra device to read eBooks seems to be a hassle, especially when you’re carrying a small purse around (girls, you know the trouble of trying to cram stuff into the only handbag that fits your outfit).

Source: screenshot of app | Anyone up for rereading the Harry Potter series?

With NLB Mobile app by the National Library Board, that will no longer be a problem. The app allows you to borrow and read eBooks, all in one handy device, and even offline – now, there’s no need to rummage through the rows of shelves, only to learn that the book has been borrowed by someone else. Or better yet, you don’t even have to go down to the nearest library.

eBooks are “automatically returned” when the due date approaches, talk about maximum convenience, and no more fear of library fines!

If the book you want is only available in hard copy, NLB Mobile can scan the barcode of the library book you want to borrow, which means you don’t need to wait for your turn at the loan machine.

There’re a lot of other handy features too, such as a calendar showing you upcoming library events, recommended reads, and more – but honestly, they had me at the eBooks.

Download NLB Mobile and you’ll never carry extra baggage when binge-reading on the go.

NLB Mobile App: Android, iOS | Website

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