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New GrabProtect COVID-19 Measures To Be In Place Towards End June For Safer Rides

Upholding the safety of its drivers and passengers has always been Grab’s core value, hence, GrabProtect is setting higher bars of hygiene standards in ride-hailing to minimise the spread of COVID-19 on its transport services.

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As life gradually resumes and Grab’s services slowly resume as a norm, users can expect to see these safety measures implemented progressively in their new ride routine towards end June 2020.

1. Enforcing hygiene habits through technology

There are two new features on their application—an online health and hygiene declaration form and a masks selfie tool.

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The online health and hygiene declaration form confirms that users do not exhibit COVID-19 symptoms and have adopted the necessary safety and hygiene measures, while the in-app mask selfie feature—at the end of the declaration—ensures that all users are masked up for their ride.

2. New policies to empower users to make the right safety choices

The Grab transport system also implements safe distancing measures. For example, passengers are not allowed to sit in the front seat beside the driver. This means that a regular 5-seater car can only take up to three passengers now.

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To safeguard everyone’s safety, if either party is not wearing a mask or appears unwell, it is valid for anyone to cancel the ride without a penalty fee.

3. Equipping vehicles with hygiene kits

Since March 2020, Grab has provided 100,000 face masks and sanitisers for their drivers and delivery partners.

Moving forward, Grab is exploring partnerships with hygiene products suppliers in the region to provide products for their partners at discounted rates. This ensures that vehicles are well-equipped to keep up to Grab’s safety and hygiene standards.

Credit – Grab

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