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The New Fenty X Puma By Rihanna Collection Is Where Preppy Meets Provocative

Hey yo, cool kids on the block, ready to get schooled by Rihanna? 

The latest Fenty X Puma Collection by Rihanna has landed in town! This season, the assemblage of apparel and accessories is bringing back the preppy fashionistas and deconstructed high school uniforms fad.

Notice the fashionably tactful spin on an exaggeration of the familiar varsity style, delivering an ounce of panache to the collection?

From the bell sleeves to the cropped sweater, to the satin oversized track jacket and the suede football-inspired over-the-knee heel, ready yourself for the signature bold and fearless creations in Rihanna and Fenty X Puma’s collaboration.

The one thing in particular that ignited the nostalgia in us was the mascot bear bag pack. Remember the days when high school kids were carrying their giant plush toy around as their backpacks? That’s right, it’s back but this time it’s been relaunched as high-fashion.

If you’re still loving the slip-ons, you’ll be glad to know that they’ll also be available for sale starting 5 October 2017.

The peculiar combination of silk, plaid and polyester has definitely caught our eyes. This impossible mix of materials is visually provocative and yet effortlessly chic. We really have to give it up to Queen Riri!

Verdict? Just get your wallets ready as the collection hits stores near you.

Price: S$50 – S$1,700

Fenty X Puma by Rihanna: Website | Facebook

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