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C&C Supply Company: Create Your Own Streetwear Brand In SG & Up Your Street Cred

Streetwear — this word resonates with me like no other. Before all the hype of Supreme and Off-White, I vividly remember my first encounter with streetwear.

It was a bootleg BAPE tee that I got from the now vacant Old Woodlands shophouses. I loved that t-shirt so much, I practically wore it everywhere. Why was it my favourite? I was about eleven at that time but I figured it was just cool.

Fast forward to the present and I still gravitate towards streetwearUnlike mainstream fashion retailers or just plain run-of-the-mill clothing, streetwear always has a message accompanied with it.

I’ve always toyed with the idea of doing something similar, to send a message and inspire people with my beliefs, in the form of clothing. I finally took the plunge with C&C Supply Company and learned how to appreciate the process that goes into designing a single piece.

Alson and Oneski, the breakdancing cum production team are the minds behind the brand. As avid consumers of the streetwear culture, they decided to become the supply instead.

Acknowledging that each community has a uniform, they took it upon themselves to provide an outlet for the people of the community to project their image in the form of clothing.

They publish their works on Instagram and with a single glance, you’ll understand. They’ve got the aesthetic game on lock and produce works with vibrant colours without losing too much in the printing process. With modern standards and measurements, they know what needs to be done to elevate your design.

Brand Philosophy

Whether it is a form of reflecting a subculture that you’re proud of or immortalising a message, it’s important for the consumers to know what you are representing.

Put it on paper and start expressing yourself. When you have your philosophy set in stone, everything else flows organically — you can then know what will be a better material to use and imagine how your logos and clothes will look like.

For the sake of this article, I won’t delve into this too deeply and merely explain the inspiration behind my design.

Based on the 1972’s movie of the same name, it features the graphics from the movie poster. The full context of the phrase Butterflies Are Free comes from a quote in the movie, “I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free. Mankind will surely not deny to Harold Skimpole what it concedes to the butterflies.”

At the mercy of one’s interpretation, I see it as a small glimpse back into the past of a more innocent time where we could still entertain the thought of companionship at our own pace.

Design Tech Pack

The guys at C&C Supply taught me about design tech pack. Essentially, a collection of notes that help outline what your final product will look like.

Questions like, “How far down from the collar would the graphics sit on your blank?”, “What are the precise measurements of your tee such as sleeve length?”, and “What type of print would produce the outcome you want?”. These will make it easier for everyone involved in the process.

My Vision & Execution

I had a vision in mind but had little knowledge of how I was going to accomplish it. I knew I wanted my design on the back of my tee but C&C Supply would prefer to hear about what you don’t want instead.

I knew I didn’t want a silkscreen print but more of a heat transfer, which would result in a thicker print and more vivid colours.

After careful consultation and a little tinkering with my design, I had to box my accompanying text as the printing method that I wanted requires a very high level of intricacy when it comes to cutting the design for transferring. Text is usually better printed through silkscreen as it will have a smaller margin of error.

C&C Supply aren’t your uncles and aunties in Queensway, they understand the aesthetic. They are streetwear fans just like us so they can advise you accordingly.

They would understand if you said you wanted a glossier finish or a boxier fit for your tees. Their knowledge of these details are ever-growing and you can trust them when it comes to getting the details right.

Prices: Varies according to design and other factors

C&C Supply Company Pte. Ltd.: Instagram | Website

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