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New Balance Drops Reinvented Classics With Various Street Brands In Singapore

Even non-shoe junkies would be able to recognise New Balance‘s iconic ‘NB’ logo from miles away—that’s just how quintessential it is.

Credit – New Balance Singapore

New Balance is on a roll with its collaborations and has come together with multiple brands to recreate a few favourites.

Credit – New Balance Singapore

The 850 model was first made available to public in 1996. A good 23 years later, (hey, the shoe’s as old as I am) New Balance has reinvented this classic in collaboration with contemporary collective No Vacancy Inn to bring us the New Balance x No Vacancy Inn 850 sneaker (S$189). This drop is a continuation of the collaboration which commenced earlier this year that introduced the 990v3 in shades of blue with red accents.

Credit – New Balance Singapore

When the OG 990 Sneaker was first unveiled in 1982, it played a defining role in the brand’s history, disrupting the era’s typically colourful sneakers trend with its sleek, monotonous exterior. Almost four decades later, the sneaker is making its comeback as the MiUSA 990v1 (S$299). The shoe retains its epochal suede and mesh mix upper, paying tribute to the one that came before it.

Credit – New Balance Singapore

The last collaboration to be revealed is the New Balance x MADNESS 997v2 (S$269), which bears the archetypal reflective ‘N’ logo. This collection has careful detailing all the way down to the shoebox, which is finished with textured, dark faux leather—a box worthy enough to hold the shoe that sits within. Unique to this collection, the sneakers bear a tiny ‘MADNESS’ logo in the bottom corner.

You can shop all collections at various New Balance stores.

Prices: From S$189 onwards 
Location: Various New Balance stores 

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