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| On 2 years ago

NETFLIX’s New Love, Death & Robots Is The Most Brilliant Animated Series You Need To Watch

As someone who has just binge-watched all 18 episodes of Love, Death & Robots, I absolutely insist that you put this on your must-watch NETFLIX list.

Sure, there will be detractors who feel that cartoons are beneath them or animated films are for kids. I guarantee you that Love, Death & Robots is absolutely not suitable for children. Unless you’re planning to traumatize them.

This 18+ age rating film anthology is full of nudity, violence, warped fantasies and a unique style and story for each of its 18 shorts.

You’ll spot familiar likeliness of actors and sometimes be left wondering if this is even CGI. Themes are seemingly random and although it’s not Black Mirror, there is a certain amount of underlying moral that you can glean from.

The series, created by Tim Miller (Deadpool Director) certainly delivers shock and awe in terms of story-telling and an artistic screenplay so rarely seen in animations.

Here are my three favourite episodes: Shape-shifters, Suits and Zima Blue.

I don’t want to reveal any more to spoil the series, but do me a favour and pounce on Love, Death & Robots this weekend on NETFLIX.

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