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Nerf Or Nothin—A Day At The Nerf Action Xperience In Singapore

As I walked into Nerf Action Xperience, I was greeted by hundreds of Nerf blasters plastered all over the wall.

NERF Action Xperience is the latest NERF play space in Singapore, providing fun-filled encounters in multiple-themed action zones. You’ll probably want to come with some friends for maximum utility.

My excitement heightened as I glanced over the numerous Nerf merchandise—the inner child in me was about to be unleashed as I took a step closer towards the entrance. I was ready.

At Nerf Action Experience, there were four zones which we had to overcome—Conquer, Compete, Create and Challenge. But before you commence your Nerf adventure, you have to sign a waiver form. You are then given a tag for your wrist which you have to scan whenever you enter one of the zones.


The Conquer zone was not what I expected. When you think of the Nerf Action Experience, all you think about is Nerf blasters and Nerf Darts. I did not see myself having to face one of my greatest fears once again—a high-element obstacle course, reminiscent of the one seen in American Ninja Warrior.

The two-level obstacle course is not for the faint-hearted, and while I was able to overcome the obstacle course through sheer momentum, my friend was screaming throughout and struggled to complete even the first level of the course.

In this obstacle course, there is also a 4-metre drop slide. While the height of the slide is not comparable to major theme parks, we were nervous as we were unsure if the deceptively short slide would still give us the heart-drop feeling—which we hated. Nonetheless, we took a leap of faith and went for it. We realised it was just the fear of the unknown—the sinking feeling barely lasted for a second.

There is also a time challenge called the Volcano in the Conquer zone, where you are given a Nerf blaster with six bullets. In this challenge, you have to race against time while you take down three obstacles, and it culminates with you landing in a foam pit.


What is a Nerf experience without a Nerf battle? In the Compete zone, battle it out with your friends in two games—Zombie City and Camp Dune.

Enter Zombie City, where you are split into two teams to battle the zombie apocalypse. Wield Nerf blasters from the arsenal, and aim at the zombie targets. Each zombie is worth points, and the team with the highest points at the end of the game will be the one that survives the apocalypse.

Darts are scattered around the arena, so you don’t have to worry about your blasters running out of ammunition.

In Camp Dune, play a game of Capture the Flag as you battle your friends to exert dominance in red and blue teams. There are six flags of each colour located in the centre of the arena, and the team that retrieves all six flags to plant in their base is the victor.

If you are hit with a dart, you have to return to your base and place your hand on a red buzzer for 10 seconds before returning to the fray. This was the most fun we had in the whole experience, and I managed to relieve the childhood memory of having Nerf wars with my friends.


To commemorate your time at Nerf Action Experience, you can bring home T-shirts and tote bags.

Wear a poncho and boots, then aim at a plain white T-shirt or tote bag with a water gun filled with paint and watch your design come to life.


The Challenge Zone was designed for children, and although we wanted to enter, there was an age restriction of seven years old. Similar to the Conquer zone, the Challenge zone is an obstacle course without the 4 metres high element. Something we would have preferred over the Conquer Zone.

The Perfect Event Venue

Whether you are looking to celebrate birthdays, or host a team-building activity, Nerf Action Xperience has just the space for you. The function room can accommodate 150 people, so all you have to do is order catering, and you are good to go.

With a myriad of activities to do, you can unleash your inner child at the Nerf Action Xperience. The icing on the cake is that the experience is very affordable. A Challenge ticket is S$36 for off-peak periods and S$39 for peak periods and gives you three hours of gameplay. This experience is the first of its kind in Singapore, and you should try it out if you are looking for something different to do—if you have the nerf to conquer your fear of heights.

Price: S$36 Off-peak, S$39 Peak (Challenge Ticket) . More rates here

Operating hours: 10am – 10pm, last ticket at 7.30pm

Nerf Action Xperience: #01-208, Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard,  S039594 | Website | Contact:

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