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Curb Your Hunger Pangs During Your Sleep With Fries Pillow From South Korea

We have all heard our moms say, “don’t eat in bed!”. In recent times though, we have seen many foods entering our bedrooms in the form of burger beds, pizza blankets and even udon blankets where they are a foodie’s dream.

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You can now add one more pillow to the list of food items in your bedroom with the Fries Pillow.

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The online shopping portal, GMARKET, has just launched a pillow set that is themed after one of the most popular sides in the Western culture, fries. Inspired by McDonald’s, this pillow set contains 5 yellow-coloured fries in a vibrant red fries pillow box.

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None of these five fries are tied together or attached to the box, so you can use them individually as a bolster or a pillow. This pillow set is priced at 12,000 won (S$13.80), and you can purchase them online here.

Do take note that this product is unavailable for international shipping right now, so do hit up your friends in Korea now to get them for you.

*Update: This fries pillow can be found on too!

Fries Pillow: GMarket Website |

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