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The MP3 Experiment 2016: Listen To The Track, Do What It Says & Interact With Strangers

The MP3 Experiment is a social event in Singapore promising participants an audio sensory experience like no other – and it’s happening Saturday 15 October 2016.

Its growing popularity year on year with over 1,000 participating is a clear sign of the event’s success.

If you’re an introvert like me, you would probably shy away from mass events like this. Don’t get me wrong, I love to meet new people but it’s difficult for me to get past all the small talk and really find out more about the other person.

In 2012, a friend told me about the MP3 Experiment and dragged me along to participate in it. Not knowing what to expect, I simply followed the instructions and found myself enjoying it more than I expected. The fact that everyone does the same silly actions, helps break down barriers and allows for easier interactions.

This goes to show that we all just need a little encouragement to step out of our comfort zone and interact with strangers who might just go on to become our friends.

Credit – The Hidden Good

So how does the MP3 experiment work?

Essentially yourself and everyone else participating will have sign up for the event and receive a link to download an MP3 track onto their phone/MP3 player.

You will have to play the track at a specific time and place in order for everyone’s instructions to be in sync.

These instructions are to be carried out at the specific event location.

Credit – The Hidden Good

So what can you expect to happen? Well, it’s kind of a surprise although you do get the audio track before hand, but don’t play the track first or it’ll spoil the fun.

Based on what took place the previous years, you can expect to do crazy stuff like hugging a tree, forming a human choo-choo train and giving high-fives to suspicious onlookers.

Created by Improv Everywhere and presented by The Hidden Good, the MP3 experiment is a social execution that promises fun interaction.

Running for the 4th time, this year’s edition is supported by the National Youth Council (NYC) and National Arts Council (NAC) and will feature a new dance segment where you can unleash your inner dance king/queen. So be prepared to let loose, enjoy the music and most importntly have fun!

Here’s a recap of what crazy antics took place at last year’s MP3 Experiment!

*Note that timing has changed to 4.45pm

So…if you’re game to be surprised and meet new people, why not spend your Saturday afternoon at The MP3 Experiment 2016, being crazy and laughing your way through. It’s a guaranteed recipe to turn that frown upside down.

We’ll see you there!

Time: 4.45pm

Price: FREE

Venue: Clark Quay Central & Merlion Park *You are required to report to either venue depending on where you live. Just follow the instructions that will be emailed to you.

Fill this form to sign up! 

The MP3 Experiment 2016: 15 October 2016 (Saturday), Clark Quay Central and Merlion Park | Check out the MP3 Experiment Facebook event for updates!

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