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‘Milk Coke’: People Are Adding Milk To Coca-Cola & It Tastes Just Like Coke Float

Another day, another new trend surfacing on the internet — just this week, we’ve seen the world throw their Vans in the air to see if it’ll flip the right side up, and other trends that involve throwing cheese at babies and dialling cat paws.

And now, I present to you: Milk Coke. Yes, it’s a combination of milk and Coca-Cola. Huh?

While it does sound odd, I can’t help but think of it as coke float that has been left sitting out for too long, with the ice cream completely melted into the drink.

Since the recipe only calls for two items, I thought I’d do a quick taste test in the office. There were no exact measurements to follow, I went ahead with 1:1 milk to Coca-Cola.

The drink started becoming cloudy with clumpy brownish foams coagulating on top of the Coca-Cola. Warning: the sight of it might put you off.

Without overthinking, I took a gulp down and, yes! it does taste like coke float that has been left out for a while. That aside, it’s creamy and a colleague said she liked that the Coca-Cola became less fizzy.

I’m alright with having Milk Coke, but will I drink it again? Nah. I prefer to have them separately.

What do you think of this trend?

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